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East Limerick Parliamentary Committee Stands Firm on Labour Cause |

East Limerick Parliamentary Committee Stands Firm on Labour Cause

Limerick, May 2, 1905: The East Limerick Parliamentary Committee of the Irish Land and Labour Association convened at Hospital, presided over by Mr James O’Dwyer. The committee discussed various issues pertaining to the Labour movement and expressed their unwavering support for the Central Council.

Among the delegates present were representatives from Kilteely, Herbertstown, Ballybricken, Pallasgreen, and Hospital. After reading the minutes of the previous meeting, the chairman suggested holding the next meeting in Murroe, but some members raised objections due to ongoing political contests between candidates. Eventually, the proposal was withdrawn to maintain unity within the organization.

During the session, the importance of increased attendance and active participation from labourers in advancing their own cause was stressed. The members unanimously decided to call on labourers from various divisions to attend a meeting on May 5th and show support for rent reductions.

Resolutions were proposed and adopted, expressing gratitude to the parliamentary representative, Mr William London, for advocating labour interests in Parliament. The committee urged voters to recognize the efforts of sitting members who aligned with the Labour movement and encouraged unity in supporting candidates championing the cause.

The committee expressed their complete confidence in the Central Council as currently constituted, elected by branches across Ireland, and emphasized their disassociation from any attempt to form a new Central Council. They reaffirmed their trust in the existing Council, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to the Labour movement.

The members of the East Limerick Parliamentary Committee are determined to stand united and support candidates who align with the Labour interests, with the ultimate goal of bringing about legislative changes to improve the livelihoods of the working class in Ireland.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the chairman, and the committee members expressed their intention to attend a gathering in Kilmallock on May 5th, further solidifying their dedication to the Labour cause.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 May 1905

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