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Limerick County Council to Resist Salary Increase for County Surveyor |

Limerick County Council to Resist Salary Increase for County Surveyor

Limerick, May 2, 1905: The Limerick County Council, under the chairmanship of Mr R Coll, sp, held a meeting on Saturday to discuss the application of Mr Horan, the County Surveyor, for an increase in salary. The Council received a letter from the Local Government Board, stating that they are considering the evidence from an inquiry conducted by one of their inspectors regarding the increase in Mr Horan’s workload.

The Board suggested that a sum of £300 per year, which includes £200 for out-of-pocket expenses, might be a fair and reasonable increase to Mr Horan’s salary as long as the direct labour system continues. However, they expressed doubts about one officer effectively handling all the work in a large county like Limerick, where all roads are managed through direct labour. The Board suggested the possibility of appointing a fully qualified assistant to Mr Horan to help him with the increased workload.

The Council previously granted an increase of £125 to Mr Horan to cover his increased responsibilities. However, the Local Government Board disagrees with this amount and is seeking the Council’s views on the matter.

Chairman Coll disagreed with the Board’s interpretation of Article 35a of the Procedure of Councils Order in connection with Section 115 (8) of the Local Government (Ireland) Act. He argued that Mr Horan was fairly treated when he was transferred from the Grand Jury to the County Council, and any further increase should be decided by the Council, not the Board.

Mr Horan emphasized the importance of Article 35a and the Council’s responsibility to get road work done by direct labour if necessary. Mr Coleman supported this stance and proposed appointing a committee to prepare a reply to the Local Government Board, expressing the Council’s position and concerns.

The Council unanimously adopted Mr Coleman’s resolution and appointed a committee to thoroughly examine the matter and respond to the Local Government Board. The members agreed that they were prepared to deal generously with Mr Horan but wanted to ensure that the Council’s authority and decision-making power were respected by the Board.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 May 1905

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