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Limerick Quarter Sessions: Dispute over Butter Quality Resolved |

Limerick Quarter Sessions: Dispute over Butter Quality Resolved

Limerick, May 2, 1905: In an adjourned Quarter Sessions held before Judge Adams, a case involving John Walshe of Blackboy Pike, Limerick, and former city butter buyer, Frederick Hill, came to a resolution. Walshe sued Hill for £1 in damages, alleging that he purchased a firkin of butter from Hill for 26s in October 1904, which was later found to contain an excessive 21.6 percentage of water. Consequently, Walshe was prosecuted and fined £5, along with 12s in costs by the magistrates. Seeking to recoup his losses, Walshe initiated the present action.

Mr Gallagher, solicitor, appeared on behalf of the defendant, while Mr Boright represented the plaintiff. During the cross-examination, Mr Gallagher questioned Walshe about the varying opinions across Ireland concerning the percentage of water in butter. He also inquired whether Walshe had seen the notices on display at Hill’s premises, which drew attention to the butter standard.

Walshe acknowledged the differing opinions but claimed to have seen the notices only after being fined by the magistrates. However, Mr Gallagher pointed out that the notices were posted in three places on Hill’s premises, implying that Walshe could have easily seen them during his visits to the office.

In the defence’s testimony, Hill asserted that the butter in question was not sold by him directly but by a man named O’Donoghue, who had not been in his employment for several years. O’Donoghue corroborated Hill’s account, stating that he acquired butter from Hill and then sold it at a price that allowed him a commission.

Upon reviewing the evidence, Judge Adams concluded that there was no contractual agreement between Hill and Walshe. He further expressed confidence in Hill’s reputation as a respectable individual and subsequently dismissed the case.

With the resolution of the dispute, the Limerick Quarter Sessions concluded, bringing clarity to the matter and upholding Hill’s integrity as a merchant in the community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 May 1905

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