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Limerick Ladies Combine: Industrial Movement to Promote Irish Goods |

Limerick Ladies Combine: Industrial Movement to Promote Irish Goods

Following the lead of the men of Limerick in establishing an Industrial Association to promote Irish industries, the women of Limerick have now formed a similar association. The decision to form the association was made during a meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce, with Mrs. James Quin presiding and a notable gathering of prominent ladies in attendance.

Among those present were Lady Clarina, Hon. Mary Spring Rice, Mrs. Lidwarsh, Mrs. Kay, Mrs. O’Brien (Stannon View), Mrs. Spillane, Mrs. Hetreed, Miss Counibaw, Mrs. Geary, Mrs. J. Spillane, Miss Fitzmaurice, Miss Luckiey, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. O’Shea, Mrs. Lair, Miss Dooley, Miss Suanny, the Misses Nestor, Miss Dunne, Mrs. Holmes (Hon. Treasurer), and Mrs. W. I. McNamara and Miss Ebnli (Hon. Secretaries).

During the meeting, the minutes of the preliminary gathering were read and confirmed, and letters of support from various individuals, including Lady Cleeve, Lady Nash, Mrs. O’Mara, Miss E. J. Long, Mrs. Robert Gibson, and Miss Mary Murphy, were read. Unfortunately, these individuals were unable to attend the meeting but expressed their encouragement for the initiative.

Mrs. Quin, in an inspiring address, emphasized the importance of the industrial movement and how it resonated deeply with the women of Ireland. She recalled the once-flourishing glove industry in Limerick and expressed the association’s intention to create a demand for Irish goods. Their ultimate goal was to revive some of the old Limerick industries and support local artisans.

Lady Clarina echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the practicality of supporting Irish industries while also acknowledging the need for businesses to focus on sound business principles and skilled labour to compete successfully in global markets.

The Hon. Mary Spring Rice proposed the formation of the Ladies Association for the promotion of Limerick-made goods and Irish industries in general, which received unanimous support from the attendees. Other resolutions were also put forward, including obtaining information about Irish manufactures and giving preference to Limerick or Irish-made goods when equal in quality and price to foreign alternatives.

A sub-committee was proposed to explore the possibility of renting a shop window in a prominent street to display Limerick-made goods. Several individuals also volunteered as vice presidents for the association.

The meeting concluded with subscriptions being received from attendees, solidifying their commitment to support local industries and promote Irish goods.

In the spirit of unity and progress, the Limerick Ladies Combine has taken up the mantle to champion Irish industries and contribute to the growth and prosperity of their beloved city and country.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 30 May 1905

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