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GARRYOWEN 11 Set to Host Thrilling Boxing and Wrestling Carnival | Limerick Gazette Archives

GARRYOWEN 11 Set to Host Thrilling Boxing and Wrestling Carnival

Dublin, Tuesday, June 20, 1905: Among the myriad of attractions at the much-anticipated Garryowen 11 Fete, a grand boxing and wrestling carnival promises to enthrall the spectators. The event, commencing tomorrow (Wednesday), will feature an impressive lineup of participants from the Limerick Physical Culture and Boxing Club, the K1C Boxing and Wrestling Club, and other renowned amateurs and professionals from across Ireland.

With all local club members in rigorous training, the crowd can expect a display of skillful and fair combat in the noble arts of boxing and wrestling. The presence of celebrated champions such as James Dalton, the professional champion of Ireland; Ernest Brown, the North of England champion; and Joseph Dalton, the amateur bantam champion of Ireland, guarantees high-quality performances. The trio already wowed the audience with their exceptional boxing and physical prowess at the recent Mirus Fete, and they will be joined by over 40 athletes, assuring the spectators that the displays will be nothing short of extraordinary.

A highlight of the wrestling segment is Frank Long, the European Jiu-Jitsu champion, who previously astounded the crowd at the Mirus Fete by effortlessly defeating all challengers in various wrestling styles. He even faced Champion George Hackenschmidt for a remarkable hour-long match. Long, who recently showcased his talents at the Crystal Palace in London, is eager to repeat his astonishing feats. In the Jiu-Jitsu style, he has offered to take on multiple opponents simultaneously and ensure their defeat within 30 minutes.

The Garryowen 11 Fete has left no stone unturned in curating a comprehensive lineup of exhilarating entertainment, and the boxing and wrestling carnival is expected to captivate and excite the audience with its skillful displays and competitive spirit. Wrestling enthusiasts and sports lovers alike are eagerly looking forward to witnessing these extraordinary athletes in action at the carnival.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 20 June 1905