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Important Appeal: Financial Support for the National Party |

Important Appeal: Financial Support for the National Party

To the People of Ireland,

Fellow Countrymen,

Several weeks ago, we reached out to you with an earnest appeal—to entrust the National Party with the necessary funds, ensuring it could enter the upcoming General Election on equal financial footing with those who stand against the National cause. Given the limited time and minimal organizational resources available, our request was made with urgency. We are pleased to report that your response was swift and fervent, not only from our homeland but from our brethren in America and Australia as well. Generous contributions poured in, providing the resources required for the upcoming elections. Thanks to this support, the National Party has been able to not only maintain its existing seats and reclaim those few members who had strayed in recent years but also to raise the National Flag once again in Belfast.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Irish people for their prompt and generous response. We take this moment to congratulate them on the successful outcome. We now witness a renewed, powerful, and united National Party in Parliament. The responsibility ahead, however, remains to enable our Party to effectively fulfill its duties by ensuring consistent attendance during parliamentary sessions. This is of paramount importance. The future of our country hinges on how well we accomplish this duty. The Party’s presence and efforts in Parliament are pivotal in these times of brighter prospects, forged by the fall of the Unionist and Conservative Government.

The impressive response to our Election Fund appeal can only be fully realized if it is followed up with a Parliamentary Fund for 1906. This fund must be sufficient to sustain our Party in the House of Commons throughout the year. We now confidently turn to the entirety of the Irish population, relying on their patriotism and generosity. Our Party’s effective participation in Parliament remains crucial, and your continued support will make this attendance possible.

In unity, we shall pave the way for a promising future for our cherished land. We remain, fellow countrymen, your dedicated servants.

PATRICK O’DONNELL, Bishop of Raphoe.
JOHN E. REDMOND, Chairman of the Irish Parliamentary Party, and President of the Directory of the United Irish League.
STEPHEN O’MARA, Alderman, Limerick.

39, Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin,
February 11th, 1906.

Subscriptions can be sent to any of the above signatories or to the Secretary of the Fund, Joseph Webb, 39, Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin.

Copies of the above address and posters for fundraising campaigns are available upon request.

Irish Independent – Monday 19 February 1906

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