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The upcoming Town Tenants’ Convention in Dublin has garnered significant attention, and the city of Limerick is poised to make its voice heard on this important platform. The convention, scheduled for Thursday next, promises to be a forum for discussing crucial issues related to town tenants and their rights.

Representing Limerick at this vital gathering will be a distinguished delegation comprising individuals who have shown a deep commitment to the cause of town tenants’ rights and well-being. The Limerick delegation is composed of members from various local bodies and organizations, united in their mission to advocate for the rights and interests of town tenants.

The Limerick Branch of the Town Tenants’ League, a prominent organization in the city, has designated a formidable team to represent their interests at the convention. Leading the delegation is the Right Worshipful Mayor, Alderman M. Joyce, M.C. Mayor Joyce, as the President of the Limerick Branch of the Town Tenants’ League, brings both experience and authority to the proceedings. His leadership underscores the city’s commitment to addressing the concerns of town tenants.

Joining Mayor Joyce is Mr. Patrick E. Bourke, J.P., serving as the Vice President of the Limerick Branch. Mr. Bourke’s extensive experience and dedication to the cause are invaluable assets to the delegation. The Treasurer of the Limerick Branch, Mr. Joseph O’Malley, C.E., an architect by profession, lends his financial acumen to the delegation’s efforts.

The committee members representing the Limerick Branch include Mr. E.J. Long, B.C., who also holds the esteemed position of High Sheriff, and Alderman Thomas L. Dundergast, who serves as the Sub-Sheriff. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and local expertise to the delegation, ensuring that Limerick’s concerns are effectively articulated.

Other committee members from the Limerick Branch include Stephen O’Mara, Alderman James Hassett, B.C., James Powell, and Patrick Molloy. Their roles in the delegation reflect the diversity of perspectives and experiences within Limerick’s Town Tenants’ League.

In addition to the Town Tenants’ League, the Limerick Board of Guardians is also sending representatives to the convention. This includes Mr. John McInerney, J.P., Chairman of the Limerick Board of Guardians, who will bring his insights as a prominent local leader to the discussions. Mr. Patrick Bourke, B.C., Vice-Chairman of the Board, adds his expertise and support to the delegation.

Representing the No. 1 District Council is Mr. John Ryan, who serves as Chairman of the County Council. Mr. Patrick Hassett, B.C., represents the No. 2 District Council. Their participation underscores the collaborative effort of various local bodies in ensuring that the concerns of town tenants are addressed comprehensively.

The delegation from Limerick brings together a diverse group of individuals with a shared commitment to advocating for the rights and interests of town tenants. Their presence at the Town Tenants’ Convention in Dublin reflects the city’s dedication to this important cause and the determination to make a meaningful impact on the discussions and outcomes of the convention.

As the convention approaches, all eyes will be on the Limerick delegation, as they join forces with representatives from across the country to address the pressing issues facing town tenants and work towards equitable solutions. Their collective voice is poised to resonate strongly in the halls of the convention, advocating for the betterment of town tenants in Limerick and beyond.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 28 August 1906