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Elegance and Celebration: The Limerick County Hunt Ball Unveils a Night of Glamour – Limerick Archives

Elegance and Celebration: The Limerick County Hunt Ball Unveils a Night of Glamour

On a festive Friday night, February 21st, the theater in Limerick was transformed into a scene of splendor as the Limerick County Hunt hosted a merry ball. The ambiance was one of sheer joy as around three hundred guests gathered to revel in the camaraderie of the evening. Every detail of the event had been meticulously arranged, creating an atmosphere of opulence and cheer.

The decorations were a highlight of the night, with a burst of dazzling colors adorning the venue. Dashes of sapphire blue and vibrant red played a pivotal role in the aesthetic, transforming the space into a lively spectacle. The utilization of hunt-related motifs, such as green and red, added a touch of tradition and symbolism, setting the stage for a night of grandeur.

Amidst the vivacious atmosphere, a poignant moment unfolded as Major Frank Wise, in honor of his retirement from the Mastership of the Limerick County Hunt, was presented with a life-size portrait of himself. The artist behind this thoughtful gift was none other than O’Brien, a renowned Irish painter. The presentation was a highlight of the evening, a gesture that reflected both gratitude and admiration for Major Wise’s dedicated service. Mrs. Ransytne, elegantly adorned in eau de Nil satin embellished with gold, had the honor of presenting the portrait.

The succession in leadership was also acknowledged during the event, with the Hon. Nigel Bourke stepping into the role of Mastership, succeeding Major Wise. Lady Beatrice O’Brien graced the occasion in a striking blue gown adorned with pearls, embodying the timeless elegance synonymous with such gatherings. The Hon. Mrs. Blackpool Mahon, a vision in black, accompanied by her two daughters, added a touch of familial charm to the night.

The fashion parade continued with the Hon. Mrs. Eyre Massey donning a frock of white and blue chiffon, while Mrs. Wise shimmered in a silver net ensemble adorned with pink embroideries and diamond ornaments. Lady Cleve and her daughter opted for contrasting yet complementary styles – black and white for Lady Cleve and a pristine white gown for her daughter. The striking combination of red chiffon velour, lace, and hand-crafted silver passmenterie adorned Mrs. de Ros Rose, exuding an air of sophistication.

Nina Blennerhasset added a delightful touch with a charming blue and white dress, rounding off the ensemble of elegantly dressed attendees. The array of fashion showcased a diverse palette, a testament to the style and grace of the Limerick elite.

The Limerick County Hunt Ball of 21st February emerged not just as a social event but a spectacle of tradition, gratitude, and sartorial splendor. As the night unfolded in a dance of colors, fabrics, and jubilant laughter, it became a memorable chapter in the cultural tapestry of Limerick, where elegance and celebration converged in perfect harmony.

The Queen – Saturday 14 March 1908