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In Memoriam: Judge Adams, A Wit in the Court and Beyond |

In Memoriam: Judge Adams, A Wit in the Court and Beyond

The news of Judge Adams’ passing has reverberated with profound regret, not only in Limerick, where he presided as the County Court Judge but also in London, where his wit and conversational prowess left an indelible mark. Beyond the legal arena, Judge Adams was celebrated as a captivating personality, a sentiment echoed by those who had the privilege of witnessing his courtroom theatrics.

In Limerick, Judge Adams was not merely a dispenser of justice but a crowd-puller, transforming his court into a stage where legal proceedings were accompanied by a dose of entertainment. His wit, sharp as a gavel’s rap, made him a well-known figure, and the anticipation of his presence was enough to keep the local theater’s curtains closed.

An anecdote from a traveler, seeking amusement at a Limerick hotel, encapsulates the impact of Judge Adams on the local scene. When inquiring about the evening’s theater offerings, the witty response from the waiter revealed that, in the presence of Judge Adams at the Courthouse, the theater found no reason to unveil its productions. His court sessions, it seems, were the real spectacle, drawing audiences seeking both justice and the judge’s trademark humor.

Judge Adams’ flair for theatrics extended beyond the courtroom walls. A remarkable incident occurred when he took justice outdoors. On a tranquil Sunday, he presided over a dispute concerning the course of a stream between two farms. Unyielding in his pursuit of resolution, Judge Adams met the disputing parties at the very spot in question and delivered his verdict, an unconventional yet effective approach that showcased his commitment to justice.

In London, Judge Adams became a conversational luminary, his anecdotes and wit reaching far beyond the confines of the courtroom. His ability to infuse humor into legal proceedings not only made him a beloved figure but also a jurist remembered for more than just his legal acumen.

As the public mourns the loss of Judge Adams, the memories of his wit, wisdom, and unconventional courtroom style linger. The echoes of laughter and legal discourse he left behind serve as a testament to a judge whose impact reached far beyond the confines of Limerick’s courthouse—a man whose legacy is as much about the wit in his words as the justice in his decisions.

Bayswater Chronicle – Saturday 11 April 1908

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