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In Memoriam: The Lamented Passing of Judge Richard Adams, K.C. |

In Memoriam: The Lamented Passing of Judge Richard Adams, K.C.

The sombre news of the passing of Mr Richard Adams, K.C., the esteemed County Court Judge of Limerick since 1894, has cast a profound shadow over the National Liberal Club. Judge Adams, known for his sparkling wit and unparalleled storytelling prowess, was more than a legal luminary; he was a cherished member of the club, leaving an irreplaceable void in its communal heart.

Judge Adams’ wit, a beacon in the smoking-room gatherings of the National Liberal Club, transformed mundane moments into uproarious anecdotes. His ability to infuse even the simplest circumstance with an intensely ludicrous aspect made him a magnet for friends and admirers. The circle around him reveled in the joy of his company, drawn not only to the wisdom of his legal mind but also to the captivating humor that radiated from him.

However, Judge Adams was not merely a humorist; he was a multifaceted individual of immense talent. A brilliant advocate during his tenure at the Bar, his transition to the Bench showcased a painstaking and successful judge. His powerfully retentive memory turned him into an encyclopedia of information on historical and constitutional matters, enriching legal discourse with depth and context.

Judge Adams’ ambitions transcended the courtroom, as he harbored dreams of entering public life. Had his aspirations materialized, the House of Commons in his generation would have witnessed a statesman whose wit rivaled the famed Mr Bernal Osborne, whose quaint conceits had contributed significantly to the gaiety of nations in a bygone era.

The National Liberal Club, now mourning the loss of one of its most popular and beloved members, pays tribute to Judge Adams—a man whose legacy extends beyond legal judgments and into the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know him. The profound gloom cast by his departure echoes not just within the hallowed halls of the courthouse but resonates in the cherished memories of camaraderie and laughter shared at the National Liberal Club. As the club bids farewell to Judge Richard Adams, it acknowledges the loss of a jurist, a humorist, and a gentleman whose brilliance illuminated both the courtroom and the social spheres he graced.

Eastern Post – Saturday 11 April 1908

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