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In Memoriam: The Legacy of Judge Adams, a Stalwart of Limerick Courts |

In Memoriam: The Legacy of Judge Adams, a Stalwart of Limerick Courts

The city of Limerick is draped in sorrow as news of the passing of His Honour Judge Adams, a distinguished figure in the Cork County Court, reaches the legal and political circles. The demise occurred on a sombre Saturday afternoon in London, leaving a void that reverberates beyond the boundaries of the courtroom.

Born to the esteemed Mr Bryan Adams of Cork, Richard Adams carved a path to the Bar through journalism, showcasing his legal acumen and wit. His early education at Queen’s College in Cork laid the foundation for a journey that would see him become one of the many graduates of the old Queen’s University. His association with the press, where he served as a leader writer for the Journal, showcased not only his legal prowess but also a distinctive humor that became his trademark.

Called to the Bar in 1883, Adams joined the esteemed ranks of the Munster Circuit, making a mark during the State trials of 1881, where he stood alongside notable figures such as Mr Parnell. His swift ascent in legal circles was marked by his prowess in criminal law, gaining recognition as an expert in the art of handling juries.

The year 1910 saw Adams elevated to the prestigious rank of King’s Counsel, and his appointment as County Court Judge of Limerick in 1894 under Mr Morley’s Chief Secretaryship marked a pinnacle in his judicial career. His role in the Royal Commission, an institution that held the balance between wit and honour, further showcased Adams’ dedication to the principles of justice.

Not only a jurist of repute, Adams was known for his wit and charm, which he wielded deftly within and beyond the Four Courts. His involvement with the affairs of Limerick, coupled with his influential position, made him a respected figure in political and legal spheres. His consistent approach to justice and his ability to navigate the delicate balance of politics and principles earned him admiration.

In the mourning of Adams’ passing, a poignant reflection on his legacy emerges. Colleagues remember him not only as a legal luminary but as a guiding force, both within the hallowed halls of justice and in the wider community. His contributions to the legal landscape of Limerick and his steadfast commitment to upholding the law have left an indelible mark.

As Limerick bids farewell to His Honour Judge Adams, the echoes of his legacy resonate through the courthouse and beyond. The city mourns a legal luminary whose life was dedicated to the pursuit of justice, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered in the annals of Limerick’s judicial history.

Evening Mail – Monday 06 April 1908

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