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Irish-American Football Tour Continues with Thrilling Match in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Irish-American Football Tour Continues with Thrilling Match in Limerick

In the seventh leg of the Irish American football tour, the city of Limerick played host to an electrifying match that unfolded on a vibrant Sunday, captivating an immense audience. The contest took place against the backdrop of an enthusiastic atmosphere, with the Garryowen Pipers’ Band leading both teams onto the grounds. The match, marked by intense competition, showcased the prowess of both sides and the resilience of Limerick in the face of formidable opponents.

The Irish Americans, winning the toss, initiated the offensive, but were met with a spirited response from Limerick. The play quickly shifted towards the home ground, witnessing a valiant attempt to score. Despite the pressure, the ball found its way over the goalposts twice, with Groom’s Feehan securing a point. The momentum swung back and forth as the Irish Americans defended vigorously, but Limerick retaliated with two quick goals’ courtesy of Paddy Riordan and Purcell.

Limerick’s determination to assert control over the match was evident when Scanlan, from a free position, successfully scored a goal, narrowing the gap. However, the competitive spirit led to an incident in midfield, resulting in the expulsion of a player from each team. Undeterred, Limerick continued to press, but the defence held firm, preventing further scores. The Irish Americans, in turn, launched a counter-attack, bringing the ball perilously close to the goal but falling short.

The half-time score reflected the closely contested nature of the match: Limerick—2 goals, 1 point, Irish-Americans—2 goals.

As the second half commenced, the Irish Americans initially had the upper hand. Yet, the home team, displaying commendable resilience, turned the tables, securing a crucial goal. The visitors, however, showcased formidable defensive skills and responded with a goal of their own. The intensity of the match heightened, with both teams striving for dominance.

Limerick, under relentless pressure, successfully defended their goal, and a free was awarded to them. Despite attempts by both sides, no further scores ensued for a brief period. The game remained fiercely contested, with a notable exchange resulting in a goal by Of Groom, further extending Limerick’s lead. The home team maintained their momentum, with Stephen Gleeson and Bedamore contributing additional goals.

Despite the Irish Americans managing to secure a meritorious point, the final whistle blew, concluding a hotly contested match. The full-time score stood at Limerick—5 goals 1 point, Irish-Americans—3 goals 1 point.

Refereed by Mr H. Boland from Dublin, the match showcased exceptional skills from both teams. The Irish-American team, featuring players from various cities, demonstrated their prowess, while Limerick’s local talent and determined play proved pivotal in securing victory.

The thrilling encounter entertained the spectators and highlighted the resilience and skill of Limerick’s football team. As the Irish-American tour progresses, each match becomes a platform for cultural exchange and sporting excellence, reinforcing the strong ties between Ireland and its diaspora.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 02 September 1911