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Cattle Drive Creates Stir in Bruff District, County Limerick |

Cattle Drive Creates Stir in Bruff District, County Limerick

Limerick, Tuesday – In a surprising turn of events, an extensive cattle drive unfolded overnight in the Bruff district, stirring concerns among residents. The incident reportedly occurred in connection with lands owned by Mr J. Wilmott Smith, in a place called Ballnanty, a short distance from Bruff.

For some time, discontent had been brewing regarding the lands in question. Mr Smith, who resides in Yorkshire, entrusts the management of these lands to Mr Arthur White, J.P., a reputable land agent. The lands, primarily used for grazing, have become the focal point of a dispute that culminated in the unauthorized removal of thirty-eight head of cattle during the night.

The local police were alerted to the situation this morning, prompting an immediate response. Throughout the day, law enforcement officers conducted a thorough search for the missing cattle, but as of the time of writing, none had been located.

The motives behind the cattle drive remain unclear, and authorities are actively investigating the incident to determine the responsible parties. The situation has caused a ripple of concern among the local community, with many questioning the underlying issues that led to such drastic action.

Residents in the Bruff district are expressing their unease over the increasing tension surrounding land disputes, calling for a peaceful resolution to avoid further escalation. The incident has underscored the need for dialogue and mediation to address grievances and prevent future conflicts.

Mr Smith, the owner of the lands, is expected to provide a statement in the coming days, shedding light on the circumstances that led to the cattle drive. Meanwhile, Mr Arthur White, J.P., has also been contacted for his perspective on the situation and the role of land management in the ongoing dispute.

The broader implications of this incident are not lost on the residents of County Limerick, who are keenly observing the developments. The delicate balance between land ownership, management, and the rights of graziers has become a focal point of discussions in the region.

As authorities continue their investigation, the community is hopeful that a resolution will be reached that addresses the concerns of all parties involved. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of open communication and collabourative efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the picturesque landscapes of County Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 21 February 1912

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