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"Limerick Industrial Association Thrives in Annual Meeting" |

“Limerick Industrial Association Thrives in Annual Meeting”

Limerick, Ireland – The Limerick Industrial Association convened for its annual meeting last Saturday, chaired by Alexander W. Shaw. The gathering included a substantial number of participants eager to review the association’s progress and future endeavours. F. Shaughnessy, the Secretary, presented the annual report, shedding light on the achievements made by the association over the past year.

In his opening remarks, Chairman Shaw expressed satisfaction with the ground covered in the report, praising the committee’s dedicated efforts. He acknowledged the significant strides made and emphasized the credit due to the association for its robust performance in promoting business activities throughout the region.

One notable aspect highlighted in the meeting was the association’s role in promoting the Irish trademark. Chairman Shaw underscored the importance of manufacturers in the country putting forward their goods with the distinctive Irish trademark. Drawing parallels with successful firms like Messrs. Guinness and Fortnum & Mason, he stressed the value of associating products with the mark to signify quality and authenticity.

“Like a candle lighting the way, the trademark should illuminate the goodness and quality of Irish products,” Chairman Shaw remarked. He urged Irish businesses to adopt this symbol as a hallmark, asserting that it was a vital component in differentiating and promoting Irish goods both domestically and internationally.

The chairman commended the committee for their dedicated work, pointing out the positive impact they had on the association, the city, and the broader community. The report, reflecting the committee’s diligence, was unanimously adopted by the attendees. After the adoption of the report, a committee was appointed, and plans were laid out for the upcoming year’s activities.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 19 February 1912

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