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Limerick Encounter Leaves Man Badly Wounded |

Limerick Encounter Leaves Man Badly Wounded

In a recent incident midway between Ennis and Tulla, an altercation turned violent, resulting in one man being shot and another sustaining serious injuries. The clash occurred over a land division from the estate of the late Mr Arthur Gethin Creagh, J.P., Carrahan. The distribution, carried out by the estate’s representatives three or four weeks ago, saw allocations to residents, including the Dooloughty family and Dr Dowling, a local dispensary medical officer now residing in Carrahan House.

The dispute arose when the Dooloughtys, accompanied by friends, attempted to access their allocated land, passing through Dr Dowling’s property. Dr Dowling objected to their passage, leading to tensions. Yesterday morning, as the Dooloughtys embarked on their journey, objections were raised by supporters of Dr Dowling. Later in the evening, upon their return, they discovered barriers erected against them, leading to a confrontation.

During the altercation, Michael Dooloughty suffered a gunshot wound to the right side, breaking a rib and lodging in the chest. The alleged assailant, a man named Kearney, endured severe head injuries and was subsequently arrested. Kearney, now recuperating in Carrahan House, is under the care of medical professionals.

County Inspector Roberts, accompanied by Mr Geo. McElroy, R.M., arrived from Ennis to investigate the incident. Following the deposition of Dooloughty, he was transported to Limerick on a motor vehicle for further examination and assessment under the care of medical experts. Due to his weakened state, a detailed examination of the gunshot wound is postponed until Monday or Tuesday, with the bullet’s location remaining unknown.

The gravity of the situation has sparked a significant reaction within the local community. The incident, rooted in a dispute over land divisions, has underscored the complexities and challenges associated with estate distribution. The involvement of law enforcement and the subsequent arrest of the alleged assailant, Kearney, adds a legal dimension to the incident.

The community awaits further updates on the condition of Michael Dooloughty and the unfolding investigation. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of peaceful resolution in disputes over property and underscores the potential consequences when tensions escalate. Authorities continue to work towards understanding the full scope of the incident and ensuring that justice is served impartially.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 25 March 1912

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