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Limerick Faces Coal Price Surge Amidst Supply Concerns |

Limerick Faces Coal Price Surge Amidst Supply Concerns

Limerick, Ireland – In an unexpected turn of events, the prices of coal in Limerick soared to unprecedented levels on Saturday, marking the highest figures witnessed in the past forty years. The surge has raised concerns among both residents and businesses, with fears of an imminent shortage if the ongoing strike is not swiftly resolved.

Paraffin oil, a commonly used alternative, also experienced a 3d. per gallon retail price increase, compounding the challenges faced by the local population. The strike, which shows no signs of abating, threatens to disrupt the supply of coal crucial for both domestic and trade purposes.

As a response to the escalating situation, restricted railway services will come into effect across the country starting tomorrow. This move aims to navigate the challenges posed by the strike, which has led to a growing number of workers being thrown out of employment daily.

The impact of the strike extends beyond Ireland, with at least sixty thousand people, excluding miners, affected in West Scotland alone. The gravity of the situation is evident as large wholesale providers in Nottingham have ceased credit to small shopkeepers due to the disruptions caused by the strike.

In an attempt to address the escalating crisis, Mr A. Stanley, MP.., voiced his concerns yesterday, noting a perceived difference between the Premier’s speech and the published report. The discrepancy raises questions about the clarity and accuracy of information surrounding the ongoing developments.

Adding a maritime dimension to the unfolding story, the German torpedo boat 1-1175 has arrived in Dartmouth from Wilhelmshaven to replenish its bunker coal supply. However, the vessel faced an unexpected hurdle, being subjected to a hefty rate of 495 per ton due to the strike-induced challenges in the coal supply chain.

With the situation evolving rapidly, the immediate resolution of the strike becomes crucial to avert further economic disruptions and hardships for both individuals and businesses. The looming spectre of a coal shortage in Limerick raises concerns about the sustainability of essential services and the broader economic impact if a timely solution is not achieved.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 04 March 1912

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