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Limerick Hounds Deliver Memorable Hunts in Recent Days |

Limerick Hounds Deliver Memorable Hunts in Recent Days

In the heart of Ireland, the Limerick Hounds have been showcasing their prowess with a series of exhilarating hunts in various locations around the region. From the picturesque landscapes near Ballyclough to the historic grounds of Bruree, the hounds have left an indelible mark on the memories of avid followers.

On Wednesday, February 21, a lively hunt unfolded near Ballyclough, where a fox led the followers on a thrilling chase between that location and Creeve’s Cross for over an hour. The day’s excitement reached its peak when a fox at Cooltomin was skilfully pursued and eventually brought down after some strategic manoeuvring, concluding the day’s events. Despite a subsequent search in Altavilla yielding no results, the day was deemed a success.

Friday, February 23, saw another remarkable hunt at Bruree, featuring the use of a stick mover crafted by the late Mr John R. Gubbins, a well-respected figure in the local community. The fox’s journey took it across the Charleville road and railway, covering a substantial six-mile stretch before finding refuge at Ballinacurra. A vixen at Liadwan provided an additional challenge, and the day concluded with the successful pursuit and elimination of a fox near Liskennett Hill. The hunt from Bruree was particularly lauded, with its pace and line hailed as some of the best in Limerick’s living memory.

Monday, February 26, witnessed the endeavours of the Limerick Hounds at Kilpeacon, where Mr Monty Gavin’s fox led a captivating chase towards Ballinagarde. However, the presence of curious dogs caused a brief interruption, and the fox was lost at Friarstown. Undeterred, the Master’s hounds pursued a fox near Rockbarton later in the day, showcasing a formidable display of skill and determination. The pursuit reached a fitting climax as the fox was hunted down and eliminated near the hall-door, a symbolic conclusion to an exceptional hunt.

As the hunting season unfolds, the Limerick Hounds continue to captivate enthusiasts with their skilful pursuits and memorable hunts, marking these days as a testament to the enduring tradition of fox hunting in the region.

Sport (Dublin) – Saturday 02 March 1912

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