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Limerick Farmer Appeals for Restitution of Family Land |

Limerick Farmer Appeals for Restitution of Family Land

In a significant development in County Limerick, a call for the reinstatement of Mr David Naughton to his family’s farm, from which they were evicted in 2018, has gained momentum. The resolution, presented by Mr John O’Connor, J.P., and supported by Mr W. S. Crabbias, Councillor Chairman, urges the authorities to reconsider the case of the Naughton family.

The resolution was put forward during a session at the County Council, where community leaders expressed their concern over the long-standing issue. The focus of the resolution is to reinstate Mr David Naughton, the son of the evicted tenant, to the family’s ancestral land.

Mr Denis Naughton, David’s father, faced eviction in 2018, which led to a series of legal battles and community activism. The Naughton family has consistently contested the eviction, highlighting alleged irregularities in the process. The current resolution seeks to rectify what supporters claim was an unjust dispossession.

During the council meeting, Mr J. M’Getatill emphasized the active efforts made by Mr David Naughton to reclaim the family farm. Community members rallied behind the cause, acknowledging the significance of maintaining ties to the land and expressing solidarity with the Naughton family.

The resolution proposes that the County Council officially supports Mr David Naughton’s plea for reinstatement and, additionally, advocates for the intervention of the Land Commission to facilitate the return of the family to their farm.

The Naughton case has become emblematic of broader concerns regarding land rights and the impact of evictions on rural communities. Supporters argue that the family’s eviction in 2018 has had lasting repercussions on the social fabric of the community.

In response to the resolution, local authorities are expected to engage in discussions with the relevant parties involved, including representatives from the Land Commission. The County Council’s involvement in this matter signals the community’s determination to seek justice for the Naughton family.

While this resolution addresses a specific case in Limerick, it resonates with broader discussions on land reform and tenant rights in Ireland. The Naughton family’s struggle has brought attention to the complexities of landownership issues, particularly in rural areas where farming is a way of life.

The resolution comes at a time when policymakers are grappling with ways to balance the preservation of agricultural traditions with the need for equitable land distribution. The case underscores the delicate balance between private property rights and the collective responsibility to ensure fair and just practices.

As the Naughton family awaits further developments, their plight remains a focal point for those advocating for reforms in Ireland’s land policies. The resolution’s passage reflects the community’s united stance on issues of landownership, setting a precedent for continued discussions on the broader challenges faced by farming families in the region.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 01 April 1912

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