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Limerick Protestant Orphan Society Holds Annual Meeting |

Limerick Protestant Orphan Society Holds Annual Meeting

Limerick, Wednesday – The Limerick Protestant Orphan Society convened its annual meeting this afternoon at the Protestant Orphan Hall, presided over by the Right Rev. Dr Orpen, drawing a substantial gathering. The Secretary, Rev. T. F. Abbott, presented the annual report, emphasizing the Society’s longstanding commitment to providing for orphaned children.

The report outlined the historical context, noting that since its establishment in 1833, the society had cared for 1,850 children, highlighting the continued necessity of its mission. It pointed out a noteworthy shift, indicating that for a considerable period, there had been no Protestant children under the care of the Society in any of the country’s divisions. As of March 1st, the report mentioned that 60 children were currently under the society’s guardianship.

The financial aspect of the report indicated a loss on the year’s working amounting to 16s. 2d., with a total debit balance of £233 4s. 10d. as of December 31, 1911. The document expressed regret over the passing of Canon Luther, a longstanding figure within the society, who served as Hon. Inspector, Hon. Secretary, Trustee, and Chairman. Additionally, it mourned the loss of Canon Mills and Mr E. Hunt, both esteemed members of the society.

Addressing the assembly, the Bishop highlighted the society’s nearly eighty-year existence, commending the significant accomplishments achieved throughout the years. Mr J. B. Barrington, J.P., High Sheriff, acknowledged the modest loss on the year’s working, £41, considering the extensive work undertaken. He expressed confidence that the society’s supporters would readily respond to any future challenges it might face.

Chancellor Hackett seconded the motion to adopt the report, and, following a resolution initiated by the Dean and seconded by Canon Robertson, attendees agreed that the Society’s work was deserving of sustained support.

With the appointment of the Committee for the upcoming year and a closing prayer, the proceedings concluded. The meeting underscored the Society’s enduring dedication to its mission and the recognition of its crucial role in supporting orphaned children in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 04 April 1912

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