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"Limerick Unionist Voices Concerns Over Home Rule Bill" |

“Limerick Unionist Voices Concerns Over Home Rule Bill”

In a recent interview, a prominent Limerick Unionist shared insights and apprehensions regarding Mr Asquith’s Home Rule Bill. Reflecting on historical perspectives, the Unionist emphasized that local Unionists, mindful of the Home Rule Bills of 1886 and 1895, see little reason to alter or soften their opinions on the matter.

According to the Unionist, the so-called safeguards proposed in the current Home Rule Bill are deemed by many as absolutely worthless. Criticizing the machinery of the scheme, it was described as cumbrous and unworkable, raising doubts about its effectiveness in addressing the concerns of the Unionist community.

One of the primary concerns voiced by Limerick Unionists is the potential financial instability the Home Rule Bill might introduce. The interviewee asserted that without continual financial support in the form of doles and supplemental supplies, the financial result could lead to bankruptcy. This apprehension underscores a deep-seated worry about the economic viability of the proposed changes.

Expressing scepticism about the Bill’s reception among Nationalists, the Unionist believed that it might be accepted by them as an instalment on the road to separation. However, as per their current assessment, the Bill does not fulfil the aspirations of Limerick Unionists.

Interestingly, the interview touched upon the recent Ulster Foster Tuesday Demonstration attended by Limerick Unionists. Drawing from that experience, these Unionists are convinced that the industrious workers of the prosperous North would never consent to taxation by a Dublin Parliament. The sentiment among this group is that any attempt to coerce them into such an arrangement could, in the words of Lord Charles Beresford, lead to civil war.

This interview sheds light on the ongoing debate and concerns within the Limerick Unionist community regarding the Home Rule Bill. As the discussions surrounding this legislation continue, it remains to be seen how the perspectives of Unionists and Nationalists in Limerick and beyond will shape the future of Ireland.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 13 April 1912

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