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Limerick Unites for National Self-Government |

Limerick Unites for National Self-Government

In a historic gathering that echoed the sentiments of O’Connell’s monster meetings, the city of Limerick became the epicentre of a resounding call for national self-government in Ireland. The event, held in the capital, drew representatives from every part of the country, transcending city and county boundaries. The unity displayed at the gathering was hailed as unparalleled in modern Irish history, capturing the essence of the nation.

The prominent leader, whose words sparked waves of enthusiasm among the crowd, emphasized the inclusivity of the assembly. “Every city, every county, every parish in Ireland was represented in the capital of Ireland today,” he declared, highlighting the unprecedented nature of the gathering. The sentiment resonated as he added, “It is no exaggeration to say that this meeting is Ireland.”

The central focus of the gathering was a call for Home Rule, framed as “National Self-government in Ireland by a Parliament fully representative of all creeds and elements.” The leader expressed confidence that the forthcoming Home Rule Bill would be a transformative and adequate measure for the aspirations of the Irish people. The vision outlined encompassed a parliament with powers to govern purely Irish affairs, equipped with the necessary financial resources for the nation’s development.

Acknowledging the challenges faced over the years, the leader stated, “Ireland has won her prosperity through a long, bitter, and disciplined agitation,” dispelling any notion of indebtedness to external forces for their emancipation. The crowd responded with resounding cheers, affirming their commitment to self-determination.

The leader addressed the critics who questioned Ireland’s commitment to Home Rule, countering that the vast assembly was a testament to the nation’s unequivocal support for national self-government. Dismissing claims of indifference, he asserted that Ireland had already faced and conquered a campaign of calumny.

In a clear rebuke to Ulster Unionist threats, the leader emphasized that Ireland sought a government that would provide fair play to every Irishman. Mocking the Unionist preference for English governance, he pointed out that they already had an Englishman governing them and questioned the sincerity of their fondness for such rule.

The gathering was not without its moments of wit and irony, as the leader highlighted the absurdity of Orange Englishmen doing the bidding for Unionists. The message was clear – Ireland sought a government that prioritized fairness and equal treatment for all its citizens.

As the leader concluded his impassioned speech, the crowd echoed their determination to secure national self-government. The sentiment reverberated across the nation, symbolizing a united Ireland ready to embrace the future. The assembly in Limerick stood as a powerful declaration to the world – Ireland was resolute in its pursuit of Home Rule, ready to chart its course towards prosperity and self-determination.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 01 April 1912

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