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Canon Charles B. Dowse, Elected as New Bishop of Killaloe |

Canon Charles B. Dowse, Elected as New Bishop of Killaloe

In a recent joint meeting of the Diocesan Synods of Killaloe and Kilfenora, and Clonfert and Kilmacduagh held in Limerick, a new Bishop for Killaloe was elected in accordance with the Constitution of the Church of Ireland. The meeting, convened at the beginning of the month, saw the participation of clergy and laity alike, as they cast their votes to choose a successor to the vacant Episcopal see.

The process commenced with the assembly drawing up a ‘select list’ through an initial vote. The three individuals who emerged with the required number of votes to secure their place on this list were Canon Charles B. Dowse (Image), Canon Hemphill, D.D., and Archdeacon Latham.

Subsequently, the attention turned towards deciding the final candidate from the selected list. The final vote resulted in Canon Charles B. Dowse securing a significant majority of both clerical and lay votes. This outcome marked the culmination of a meticulous and democratic process to select the new Bishop of Killaloe.

Canon Charles B. Dowse, a distinguished individual with notable theological accomplishments, was elected to fill the vacant Episcopal position. In addition to his theological expertise, Canon Dowse has been actively involved in social service and philanthropic endeavours. A graduate of Dublin University, he earned his Divinity Testimonium in 1885 and obtained his M.A. degree in 1893.

Ordained in 1885, Canon Dowse served as the curate of St. Catherine’s Parish, Dublin, from 1886 to 1887. In 1892, he was elected as the Incumbent of the same parish, a position he held until 1894. Following this, he returned to Dublin as the curate of St. Matthias’ until 1899. In 1900, he assumed the role of Incumbent of Christ Church, Park, and concurrently became the chaplain of the Chapel Royal.

Canon Dowse’s commitment to education and theology is evident in his role as the Professor of Pastoral Theology at Dublin University since 1907. Further, he was honoured with the title of Canon and Prebendary of Swords at the National Cathedral of St. Patrick in 1909. In recognition of his contributions, he has also served as the Rural Dean of St. Peter’s Parish since 1910.

The Diocesan Synods’ decision to elect Canon Charles B. Dowse as the new Bishop of Killaloe reflects the trust and confidence placed in his capabilities and leadership qualities. His extensive experience, both in the ecclesiastical and social realms, positions him well to take on the responsibilities of shepherding the flock in the Diocese of Killaloe.

The appointment of a new Bishop is a significant event for the local community, and Canon Dowse’s tenure is anticipated to bring continuity and renewal to the spiritual life of the Diocese. As he steps into this esteemed role, the clergy, and laity of Killaloe look forward to a future guided by his vision, dedication, and commitment to the principles of the Church of Ireland.

In conclusion, the Diocesan Synods’ thorough and transparent process has resulted in the selection of Canon Charles B. Dowse as the new Bishop of Killaloe, ensuring the continuity of spiritual leadership in the Diocese. The local community awaits the positive impact and guidance that Canon Dowse is poised to bring to this important ecclesiastical role.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 18 May 1912

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