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Limerick Asylum Committee Addresses Funding Challenges |

Limerick Asylum Committee Addresses Funding Challenges

In a recent monthly meeting of the Limerick Asylum Committee, Chairman Mr MP.. O’Shaughnessy JP expressed concern over the financial struggles faced by local asylums. The Chairman, accompanied by Committee Member Mr T. W. W. Bennett, shared insights gained from their participation in a conference in Dublin, shedding light on the precarious state of asylums across the region.

During the meeting, an Advisory Subcommittee was established to address the pressing issues, and it was named to act promptly. This subcommittee wasted no time in presenting the facts regarding the significant financial challenges faced by local asylums. Notably, they emphasized the need for immediate government intervention.

With foresight, the Committee highlighted the urgency of securing funds for the Limerick Asylum, advocating for the government to allocate resources promptly. The Committee also proposed a contingent plan, understanding that this financial arrangement might be considered a temporary solution. Mr O’Shaughnessy eloquently presented the case, emphasizing the Party’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of the asylums and the individuals they serve.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the Chief Secretary admitted that the current financial state was not ideal. However, he reassured Committee members that the Treasury was actively working on securing a supplementary vote to address the pressing needs of the asylums. This would ensure that the financial burden did not fall solely on local governments.

The Chairman urged the Committee to consider the desirability of maintaining their present stance and pushing for immediate action. He emphasized that addressing the financial challenges should take precedence over other matters, especially those related to legislative intricacies.

In discussions about future provisions, the Committee members sought assurances from the Chief Secretary and others that a more favourable financial arrangement could be negotiated. They were particularly interested in ensuring that any new agreements would result in a more sustainable and equitable distribution of funds, benefiting local ratepayers.

Examining the financial impact over the past three years, it was revealed that payments, coupled with taxation, amounted to a substantial sum for Limerick Asylums. The deteriorating condition of the fund, exacerbated by attempts to meet the demands imposed by Parliament, had led to significant losses for contributing bodies. Notably, Limerick County Council and Limerick Corporation had incurred losses totalling €1,814 in the first two years, with projections indicating that the figure for the third year would likely exceed €1,000.

In a broad assessment, the Chairman estimated that the county and city of Limerick had a considerable stake in the financial challenges faced by local asylums, amounting to a substantial financial commitment. He expressed optimism that the ongoing representations to the Exchequer would result in meaningful relief for local ratepayers, addressing the financial strain currently borne by the county and city.

As the Limerick Asylum Committee navigates these financial challenges, the focus remains on securing sustainable solutions that prioritize the well-being of those relying on these vital community services. The ongoing dialogue with the government and collabourative efforts between local and national authorities aim to chart a path forward that ensures the continued operation and support of asylums in the region.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 09 May 1912

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