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Limerick Game Prosecution Takes Center Stage in Court |

Limerick Game Prosecution Takes Center Stage in Court

In a significant legal development, the King’s Bench Division heard the case of O’Hara, the appellant, against Ahern, the respondent, with a focus on an alleged poaching incident in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. The case originated from a charge brought by Constable Peter O’Hara, who accused James Ahern of illegal hunting.

The prosecution’s case was centred around the constable’s encounter with Ahern on a public road. Ahern was reportedly in possession of a gun and a brace of snipe, accompanied by two game dogs. It was revealed that Ahern had been engaged in beating for game on the lands of Ashgrove and Dually in the immediate vicinity. The constable argued that Ahern lacked the proper authority to shoot game on the mentioned lands.

During the proceedings, Ahern claimed to have authorization to hunt game on the lands of Ashgrove but failed to produce concrete evidence supporting his claim regarding the other lands. The magistrates at the Newcastle West Petty Sessions initially dismissed the case, with a majority decision in favour of Ahern. However, Mr P. D. Sullivan, R-M-, dissented in his opinion.

The higher court, consisting of the Lord Chief Baron, Mr Justice Kenny, and Mr Justice Wright, intervened and sent the case back to the magistrates for reconsideration. The Court suggested that, under the circumstances, Ahern should be convicted. The Solicitor-General, Mr H. McDermott, represented the appellant, while Mr Patrick Kelly represented the respondent.

This case brings attention to the complexities of game prosecution in Limerick and underscores the importance of proper authorization when engaging in hunting activities. The legal process is ongoing, and further developments are anticipated.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 19 April 1912

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