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In a heartening turn of events, two more Limerick city passengers have been confirmed as survivors of the ill-fated Titanic disaster. Ellen ‘Nellie’ O’Dwyer from High Place and John Kennedy are the latest additions to the list of resilient individuals who managed to escape the tragedy.

The White Star Company, which operated the Titanic, conveyed the uplifting news through a telegram sent from Liverpool to Limerick. The news has brought great satisfaction to the relatives and friends of the survivors in Limerick. The city, like many others across the world, has been gripped by the unfolding drama of the Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage.

Among the fortunate survivors are two passengers hailing from Askeaton, Co. Limerick – Bertha Moran and Mary Madigan. The confirmation of their safety has been a relief to their families and the broader community in Askeaton.

Miss Keane, an intermediate passenger from Limerick, is also reported to have made it through the disaster unscathed. However, the fate of several other passengers from Limerick and Clare remains uncertain, leaving their relatives in a state of suspense.

The Titanic’s sinking has sent shockwaves globally, and the focus on Limerick intensifies as more stories of survival emerge. The community’s prayers and hopes are still with those whose loved ones are yet to be accounted for.

The resilience of the survivors and the tireless efforts of rescue operations are testament to the human spirit’s ability to endure even the most harrowing circumstances. The news of these survivors has brought a glimmer of hope amidst the sombre atmosphere surrounding the Titanic disaster.

As the world mourns the loss of many lives in this unprecedented maritime tragedy. The stories of survival from Limerick remind us of the strength and courage exhibited by those who faced the perils of the Atlantic on that fateful night.

The word ‘Limerick’ takes on a new significance in the context of this headline. Not just representing the geographical origin of the survivors but symbolizing the resilient spirit of the people who emerged from the Titanic disaster with their lives intact.

In this unfolding narrative, Limerick stands united in both sorrow and relief, as the community grapples with the reality of the Titanic disaster and the varied fates of its passengers. The echoes of the tragedy will undoubtedly resonate in Limerick for years to come, as the city becomes an integral part of the larger narrative surrounding the sinking of the Titanic.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 20 April 1912

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