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Tragic Incident at Limerick Docks Claims a Life |

Tragic Incident at Limerick Docks Claims a Life

Limerick, Ireland – In a sombre turn of events, a fatal accident occurred at Limerick Docks, leading to the tragic death of Thomas Reilly. The incident unfolded on Thursday last week while Reilly, approximately in his forties, was actively engaged in unloading a cargo of cement along with his colleagues.

The unfortunate incident saw seven to eight bags of cement plummeting from a height, directly onto Thomas Reilly. The impact crushed his chest and inflicted severe injuries, ultimately proving fatal. Following the incident, Reilly was rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries the night before the inquest.

The inquest, presided over by City Coroner Mr James F. Barry, J.P., was held on Saturday evening to determine the circumstances surrounding Thomas Reilly’s tragic demise. The proceedings focused on unravelling the sequence of events leading to the accident and establishing the cause of death.

Medical evidence presented during the inquest revealed the extent of Reilly’s injuries, painting a grim picture of the incident. The autopsy indicated that nine ribs were fractured, and the right lung was lacerated due to the impact of the falling bags. The severity of these injuries was identified as the primary cause of Reilly’s untimely death.

The bags of cement that caused the fatality reportedly tumbled from a considerable height, directly onto Thomas Reilly, who was diligently working in the hold of the steamship Milford at the time of the accident. The circumstances surrounding how the bags came to fall remain under investigation, with authorities working to establish if there were any lapses in safety protocols or other contributing factors.

The jury, after careful consideration of the medical evidence presented, reached a conclusion consistent with the findings of the medical testimony. The tragic incident was deemed an unfortunate accident resulting from the bags of cement falling from a height, causing fatal injuries to Thomas Reilly.

The community in Limerick is left in shock and mourning over the loss of a fellow citizen, with condolences pouring in for the Reilly family. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the risks associated with manual labour, highlighting the importance of stringent safety measures in industrial settings, such as docks and shipyards.

As the community grapples with this heart-wrenching incident, there is a collective call for a thorough review of safety protocols at Limerick Docks to prevent such tragedies in the future. The authorities are expected to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the accident and identify any necessary measures to enhance workplace safety.

The word ‘Limerick’ echoes not only in the name of the city, but now in the memory of a tragic incident that has left a lasting impact on the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 27 May 1912

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