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Limerick, Saturday – The Limerick City Estimative convened in the Town Hall today, presided over by Alderman *Notes. The focal point of the meeting was a resounding endorsement of the Home Rule Bill, marking their first gathering since the introduction of the significant legislation. The Chairman opened the session by proposing a resolution expressing the executive’s view on the Home Rule Bill, emphasizing its importance in addressing Irish demands for self-governance.

The resolution, presented by Alderman *Notes, asserted, “That we, the Limerick City Executive, at this, our first meeting after the introduction of the Home Rule Bill, desire to place on record that we regard that measure as an honest effort to meet the Irish demand for rule, and going a long way to satisfy the national aspirations of the Irish people.” The resolution further expressed approval for the decision of the Irish leadership and the Home Rule Convention to accept the Bill, albeit subject to amendments.

The sentiments of support echoed through the assembly, with Mr /Cahill seconding the resolution, receiving backing from Mr Molloy, and ultimately being carried unanimously. The Executive took the opportunity to commend Mr Redmond’s leadership and the Irish Party’s fidelity, renewing their pledge to provide wholehearted support in advancing the cause of Irish liberty.

Following the resolution, the meeting turned to the election of officers. Mr Rahilly proposed the re-election of the outgoing President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Alderman D. M’Niece, Mr J. McCormack, Mr John Dundon, solr., Mr L. O’Donnell, S.C., and Mr W. J. Roymane. The proposal highlighted their satisfactory discharge of duties to the branch, securing unanimous approval.

A significant moment arose when Mr McCormack proposed Alderman M’Niece for the position of delegate to the National Directory, lauding his qualifications. However, Alderman M’Niece expressed a preference for Alderman Joyce to assume the role, which was met with unanimous support from the assembly. Alderman Joyce graciously acknowledged the honour.

The meeting then shifted focus to the plight of evicted tenants, with cases discussed, including those of Mrs. Lillian, John Ryan, Jas. Ryan, and a Mr Lawlor representing Mr Gough. Resolutions were passed, affirming support for their claims. Alderman Joyce seized the opportunity to deliver a compelling address, detailing the progress of the Home Rule Cause in England. He noted the positive reception he received, even among Tories, indicating a shift in favour of the matter.

The gathering concluded with a cordial acknowledgment from Mr Michael Conway, emphasizing the unity and enthusiasm witnessed in the ongoing pursuit of Home Rule. The Limerick City Executive left the Town Hall with a unanimous show of support for the Home Rule Bill, showcasing their dedication to the cause and the broader aspirations of the Irish people.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 04 June 1912

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