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NEWCASTLE WEST Police Inquiry Unveils Disciplinary Actions |

NEWCASTLE WEST Police Inquiry Unveils Disciplinary Actions

In a recent constabulary inquiry in Newcastle West, Limerick, the findings have been made known, shedding light on disciplinary measures taken against several officers. The investigation, led by District Inspectors Britten from Tralee and McEntee from Bruff, centred around charges brought against Constable Clohessy for drunkenness.

Constable Clohessy, upon facing the court, was found guilty of the charges and subsequently fined 10s. The inquiry also revealed irregularities in the conduct of Sergeant Kirwan, who was admonished without record for allowing Constable Clohessy out of the barracks on the occasion in question.

Another charge, relating to drunkenness, was investigated against Constable Rogers by District Inspector Cruise from Roscrea and District Inspector McGetrick from New Pallas. The inquiry resulted in Constable Rogers being found guilty and fined 10s. In connection with this charge, Constables Horan and Colleran were admonished without record.

Because of these findings, all constables involved, including Clohessy, Rogers, Horan, and Colleran, are slated for transfer to other stations, with the expenses covered by the public. This move aims to ensure accountability and address the issues identified during the inquiry.

Additionally, District Inspector Beirne is set to undergo a transfer from Newcastle West to Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. He will be relieved at Newcastle West by District Inspector Holmes.

The inquiry and subsequent actions underscore the commitment of the police force to maintain discipline and uphold standards of conduct. The public can expect transparency and accountability as the constabulary takes measures to address instances of misconduct and irregularities within its ranks.

It is crucial to note that the information presented is based on the findings of the constabulary inquiry, and all individuals involved have been treated fairly in accordance with due process. The transfer of officers and disciplinary actions are part of the ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of the police force in Limerick.

As the constabulary addresses these matters, residents of Limerick can expect continued vigilance in upholding the law and ensuring that officers maintain the highest standards of professionalism. The findings serve as a testament to the commitment of law enforcement to transparently address any issues that may arise, contributing to a safer and more secure community in Limerick and its surrounding areas.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 08 June 1912

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