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Limerick Divorce Case Unfolds in County Court |

Limerick Divorce Case Unfolds in County Court

In a courtroom drama that unfolded yesterday at the Probate Court in County Limerick, a divorce suit between Mr Michael Moloney and Mrs. Bridget Moloney took centre stage. The proceedings, presided over by Mr Justice Madden, shed light on the challenges faced by the couple and raised questions about financial responsibilities in matrimonial disputes.

The petitioner, Mrs. Bridget Moloney, initiated the divorce proceedings, seeking relief on the grounds of cruelty. The couple, married since 1868, found themselves entangled in a legal battle that exposed the difficulties of their impoverished circumstances. The petitioner’s legal representative, Mr Patrick Kelly, painted a poignant picture of their situation.

The hearing primarily focused on Mrs. Moloney’s plea for alimony and costs. Mr Kelly, who was instructed by Mr P. E. O’Donnell, informed the court that the petitioner was currently destitute, having spent some time in the Crown Workhouse Hospital. Despite their financial struggles, the respondent, Mr Michael Moloney, was identified as the owner of 5 acres of land in Ballyluskey, near Croom, County Limerick, along with approximately £50 worth of livestock.

According to the affidavit submitted by Mrs. Moloney, a citation for divorce a Mensa et thoro was served on Mr Moloney on February 12, 1912. However, as of the court hearing, no response had been filed by the respondent, leading the petitioner to believe he intended to allow the proceedings to proceed uncontested.

The court was made aware that Mr Moloney had not only neglected to respond but also exhibited a lack of financial support for his estranged wife. Mrs. Moloney sought a weekly alimony of 7s. 6d., emphasizing her dire financial circumstances.

Mr Justice Madden expressed scepticism regarding the respondent’s financial position, noting his ownership of assets and questioning the legitimacy of his reported status as an old-age pensioner. The judge commented that if Mr Moloney was indeed in receipt of an old-age pension, it might be acquired through fraudulent means and suggested the possibility of legal repercussions.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Mr Moloney’s financial situation, Mr Justice Madden ruled in favor of the petitioner, stating that she was entitled to receive 7s. 6d. weekly as alimony. The decision reflected the court’s commitment to ensuring fair and just outcomes in divorce cases, particularly when financial support is a crucial aspect.

As the Moloney divorce case continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in legal proceedings and the delicate balance that must be struck to ensure equitable resolutions, even in the picturesque landscapes of County Limerick.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 25 July 1912

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