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Limerick Embraces O'Mara's All-English Speaking Opera Company |

Limerick Embraces O’Mara’s All-English Speaking Opera Company

In a surprising musical turn, Limerick, Ireland, is set to host the grand debut of Mr Joseph O’Mara’s groundbreaking All-English Speaking Opera Company. The esteemed operatic tenor, renowned for his vocal prowess, is infusing a fresh wave of national pride into the musical landscape by assembling a troupe exclusively composed of English-speaking talent.

According to reports from the Daily Express, O’Mara’s opera company is not only distinctive for its stellar vocal performances but also for its commitment to an all-English speaking identity. From the lyrics sung to the very boots worn on stage. This patriotic initiative, fuelled by O’Mara’s Irish enthusiasm, is poised to captivate the hearts of audiences in Limerick and beyond.

The Daily Express quoted Mr O’Mara himself, asserting that his ensemble, comprising performers with names like Smith and Joan, stands proudly against the trend of foreign influences in the world of opera. “How beautiful their voices, Signor and Signorina, Fräulein, and Mademoiselle. have no chances of singing on these All-English speaking boards, even if disguised under good old English names,” said O’Mara.

The initiative has received notable endorsement from the ecclesiastical quarters as well. The Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, expressed his support during a meeting with the county’s citizens. While acknowledging the international fame that some artists have gained in foreign cities, the Bishop emphasized the importance of nurturing home-grown talent on English-speaking boards.

During the meeting of the county’s cultural committee, Dr O’Dwyer revealed that the local councils should stand firm against any attempt to employ foreign artists over English-speaking performers. The Bishop stated that artists on English soil should not only possess exceptional skills but also be born on English-speaking territory, reinforcing a commitment to maintaining the cultural integrity of the region.

As anticipation builds for the inaugural performance of O’Mara’s All-English Speaking Opera Company, the citizens of Limerick are eager to witness this unique blend of English-speaking talent and national pride take centre stage. The opera company’s commitment to celebrating English-speaking identity in every aspect, from vocals to wardrobe, marks a significant cultural moment for the city and the broader musical landscape.

With Limerick at the forefront of this artistic endeavour, the All-English Speaking Opera Company is poised to make waves, providing audiences with a one-of-a-kind experience that melds vocal brilliance with a celebration of national heritage. As the curtains rise, Limerick prepares to be serenaded by a chorus that proudly echoes the essence of English-speaking artistry.

Irish Independent – Monday 26 August 1912

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