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Limerick Woman Faces Trial for Alleged Theft |

Limerick Woman Faces Trial for Alleged Theft

In a recent session at the Limerick County Petty Sessions, held at the County Courthouse, a woman named Johanna Slattery found herself facing charges of unlawfully stealing a silver watch and a gold bracelet, valued at approximately three guineas. The alleged incident occurred on the 8th of August at a residence in Ballinacurra. The court, presided over by Mr P. J. Kelly, R.M., and Mr B. O’Donnell, J.P., heard the prosecution’s case presented by Head Constable Tiernan, while the defendant, Johanna Slattery, appeared without legal representation.

Miss Lucie O’Dea, the complainant, testified that she had left her bracelet and watch on a side table at her residence around 5 p.m. on the same day. Discovering the items missing at 8 p.m., she promptly reported the suspected theft to the police. The court heard that she later identified the recovered watch and bracelet, now in the possession of Constable Maher, as her property. However, a medal attached to the bracelet was notably missing.

Under questioning, Miss O’Dea confirmed she had never seen the accused before. Further testimony came from John Clifford, a pawnbroker on Broad Street, who identified the accused as the woman who pawned the bracelet for 3 shillings on the 7th of August, using the name ‘O’Dwyer.’ Clifford revealed that the accused had engaged in multiple transactions using different names, such as ‘Mammy’ and ‘Casey.’

Constable Maher, who arrested the accused on the 8th of August, provided evidence that the stolen watch was found in her possession, concealed in a purse. Additionally, Maher discovered a gold brooch, also identified as Miss O’Dea’s property, which the accused had pawned at Clifford’s establishment.

During the arrest, the accused, Johanna Slattery, allegedly claimed that the watch and bracelet belonged to her daughter. When asked for a statement, she asserted that while leaving the Redemptorist Church, three women approached her outside the gate. According to Slattery, the women enticed her to purchase the items, stating they were available at a low price. She purportedly bought the watch and bracelet for an undisclosed amount after negotiating with the women.

As the proceedings unfolded, Johanna Slattery was remanded in custody to await the next Quarter Sessions, where she will face trial for the alleged theft. The court took note of the various names used by the accused in different transactions, adding a layer of complexity to the case. The residents of Limerick now await further developments in this unfolding legal saga.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 23 August 1912

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