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Tragedy Strikes: Limerick Man Found Dead in East Clare |

Tragedy Strikes: Limerick Man Found Dead in East Clare

In a shocking turn of events, a Limerick man was discovered dead on a desolate road near Bodyke in East Clare. Pat Noonan, aged 60, met a gruesome fate on Saturday night, leaving a community in mourning and six individuals in custody under suspicion of involvement in the tragic incident.

The discovery unfolded when John Mid, a companion of the deceased, stumbled upon Noonan’s lifeless body while on their way to catch birds. The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday morning. The harrowing scene indicated signs of a struggle, with bloodstains and a damaged bicycle nearby. Noonan’s injuries were severe, including cuts to his face, a broken nose, and a disfigured head.

Marlin Noonan, the son of the deceased, identified his father’s body at a nearby residence. The grieving son recounted that Pat Noonan had left their home on Saturday night with a bicycle, which was later found near the crime scene. The details provided by witnesses painted a disturbing picture of violence and an apparent struggle that led to the tragic death of the 60-year-old man.

Sergeant James, stationed in Bodyke, testified to the visible signs of a struggle and blood markings on the road leading to the discovery of Noonan’s body. Dr Stephen Scanlan, who conducted the post-mortem examination, confirmed that the cause of death was likely due to the extensive injuries sustained by the deceased, including fractures, cuts, and bruises.

As the community grapples with the shock of the incident, attention turns to the six individuals taken into custody. John Noonan and Mary Noonan, both aged 60, Thomas Noonan (25), Margaret Noonan (20), Kate Noonan (18), and Cornelius Hogan (17) face charges related to the murder of Pat Noonan. The three male suspects are accused of murder, while the female suspects are charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The suspects, who live approximately five hundred yards from the crime scene, appeared before Mr Knight Hardy, E.M., at a court hearing in Tulla. The proceedings were brief, with the prosecution requesting a remand for further investigation. Head-Constable McClatchy from Tulla and Sergeant Treacy from Bodyke presented formal evidence, leading to the remand of the six suspects for eight days.

The community remains on edge as the investigation unfolds, awaiting more details on the circumstances surrounding Pat Noonan’s untimely death. Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward as they work towards bringing clarity to this tragic event that has shaken the peaceful town of Bodyke and left Limerick in mourning.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 05 September 1912

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