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Coal and Ham: Limerick's Historic Coal Business and Culinary Delights |

Coal and Ham: Limerick’s Historic Coal Business and Culinary Delights

Limerick, Ireland – In the heart of Limerick, the bustling Great Brunswick Street is home to a longstanding pillar of the city’s commerce – the coal business of Messrs. J.J. Carroll and Sons. Established in 1830, this family-run enterprise has become a cornerstone of the community, providing an invaluable service and contributing to the city’s development over the years.

The principals of the firm, Messrs. John Carroll and J.F. Carroll, are actively involved in overseeing every aspect of their operations. From the meticulous chartering of vessels to the precise discharge and distribution of coal to both urban and rural customers, the Carrolls bring a wealth of experience to the trade.

A lesser-known aspect of the coal business, but one of utmost importance, is the careful picking and screening of coal. The quality of this process significantly influences the comfort and warmth that households enjoy. With their intimate knowledge of the domestic market, Messrs. J.J. Carroll and Sons prioritize this critical step, ensuring that their customers receive coal of the highest quality.

In another corner of Limerick, the spotlight shifts to the world-renowned firm, Messrs. O’Mara Limited. Specializing in the production of Limerick hams, this establishment has earned a global reputation for its exceptional products. As the Christmas season brings heightened demand, the skilled team at Messrs. O’Mara Limited is hard at work meeting the needs of their discerning customers.

The demand for O’Mara’s celebrated Limerick hams has seen a steady increase in recent years, particularly during the festive season. With origins dating back to a bygone era, the firm has elevated its business to unprecedented heights. A visit to their facilities reveals a commitment to excellence, with state-of-the-art machinery and hygienic conditions ensuring the highest standards in the curing process.

Messrs. O’Mara Limited takes pride in its thorough preparation, making their products synonymous with purity and quality. The popularity of their Limerick hams extends far beyond the city limits, reaching every corner of Ireland. This longstanding establishment continues to play a vital role in promoting Limerick’s culinary heritage.

As both Messrs. J.J. Carroll and Sons and Messrs. O’Mara Limited navigate the challenges of their respective industries, their unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that Limerick’s traditions and businesses remain robust and vibrant. These two establishments, rooted in the city’s history, continue to contribute significantly to the local economy, solidifying their place as integral components of Limerick’s past, present, and future.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 23 December 1912

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