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Limerick, Ireland – In a turn of events that has escalated tensions on the docks, a strike initiated by dock labourers in protest against the refusal of a local coal merchant to disemploy non-unionist carters has yet to find an amicable resolution. Initially believed to be a matter that could be peacefully settled, the situation has taken a more ominous turn, impacting both the local economy and city life.

As vessels remain moored at the docks, laden with undischarged cargo, the Constabulary has been compelled to deploy forces day and night to ensure the security of the docks. The outcome has resulted in a stagnation of trade at the port, a vital economic artery for the region. The strike, triggered by the disagreement between the labourers and the coal merchant, has caused a substantial backlog in the processing of goods.

Today, it was disclosed that local merchants are uniting against the striking dock labourers. In response, the Limerick Steamship Company is taking drastic measures to counteract the impact of the strike. The company is making arrangements to bring in approximately eighty non-local labourers to facilitate the unloading of the steamer Sinnain, which has languished at the docks since last Thursday.

This move, while aimed at addressing the economic standstill, has the potential to further inflame the already tense situation in the city. In anticipation of possible unrest, the Constabulary is bolstering its presence by mobilizing an additional 150 police officers to be ready for immediate deployment in the city.

If the plan to introduce external labourers is executed, they will be housed within the confines of the docks, with access strictly regulated. Outsiders without proper authorization will be denied entry throughout the duration of the strike. This precautionary measure is intended to safeguard against potential clashes between the local workforce and the incoming non-local labourers.

The strike, now in its critical phase, has become a focal point for the city’s residents, drawing attention to the broader implications for both the local economy and community relations. With the docked vessels serving as a visible symbol of the ongoing dispute, the city is bracing itself for further developments that may shape the trajectory of this labour stand-off.

In the face of these uncertainties, city officials and stakeholders are closely monitoring the situation, hoping for a swift and peaceful resolution that can alleviate the strain on the local economy and restore normalcy to the bustling port city of Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 28 January 1913

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