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LIMERICK, Tuesday. The Limerick dock labourers’ strike, a contentious issue for the past three weeks, reached a resolution this evening at an arbitration court convened in the Chamber of Commerce, where the merchants presented their case. The men, acknowledging their misjudgment in initiating the strike due to a city merchant hiring non-union workers, reached an agreement stipulating that future strikes would not commence without providing a week’s notice to the concerned merchants.

In addition to this fundamental compromise, other minor concessions were mutually agreed upon by both parties, leading to a unanimous adoption of the resolution. The significance of this decision extends beyond the immediate settlement, as it alleviates the city of the financial burden associated with deploying 300 extra police to manage the situation. Moreover, the accord allows the imported labourers, sourced by the Shipping Federation, to return to their respective homes.

The conclusion of the Limerick labour strike underscores the importance of open dialogue and compromise in addressing industrial disputes. The arbitration process, held within the Chamber of Commerce, served as a neutral ground for both the dock labourers and merchants to present their perspectives. The men’s acknowledgment of their error in hastily initiating the strike reflects a willingness to rectify misunderstandings and collabourate for the collective benefit of the community.

The agreed-upon stipulation, requiring a week’s notice before any future strikes, provides a structured approach to industrial action, allowing merchants the opportunity to prepare and potentially avert disruptions. Such a provision is expected to foster a more harmonious working relationship between the labourers and the business community, preventing impulsive actions that could adversely impact the local economy.

The unanimity in adopting the resolution highlights a shared commitment to finding common ground and moving forward collabouratively. The cooperative spirit exhibited during the arbitration proceedings sets a positive precedent for resolving future disputes through peaceful negotiation and consensus-building.

Beyond the immediate implications for the parties involved, the resolution brings relief to the city by eliminating the need for additional law enforcement resources. The cost savings and the return of imported labourers to their home locations contribute to the restoration of normalcy in the community, fostering an environment conducive to economic stability and growth.

In conclusion, the successful resolution of the Limerick labour strike through arbitration showcases the effectiveness of dialogue and compromise in addressing complex issues. The agreed-upon terms provide a framework for future engagements, promoting a more constructive relationship between dock labourers and merchants. As the city looks forward to resuming its regular activities, the experience serves as a valuable lesson in conflict resolution for communities facing similar challenges.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 12 February 1913

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