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Limerick Lady Celebrates Remarkable 103 Years of Life |

Limerick Lady Celebrates Remarkable 103 Years of Life

LIMERICK – Mrs. Mary Collins Hartnett, a resilient resident of Coole West, Co. Limerick, has recently marked her 103rd birthday, reflecting on a life that spans through significant historical events. Despite the challenges of time, Mrs. Hartnett’s mental faculties remain remarkably sharp, and she vividly recalls pivotal moments such as the Catholic Emancipation movement, the 1848 rebellion, and the harrowing famine.

The centenarian attributes her exceptional longevity and robust health to a simple lifestyle and the abundance of fresh air in her rural surroundings. Mrs. Hartnett, a mother of a large family, proudly shares that all her children are still thriving. Notably, her son Patrick, who achieved success as a merchant in the City of Baltimore, returned to Ireland after thirty years abroad. Expressing a deep connection to his Irish roots, Patrick plans to purchase a residence in his homeland, emphasizing the value he places on spending the rest of his life in Ireland.

During his visit, Patrick recounted to his mother his unwavering support for the Irish cause and the Irish Party throughout his successful career overseas. Despite the opportunities and prosperity he enjoyed abroad, he expressed a sentiment that resonates with many expatriates — a year of life in Ireland holds greater significance than a dozen years in a foreign land.

Mrs. Hartnett’s family played a prominent role in the Land War of the 1880s, further embedding their legacy in the historical fabric of Ireland. Ten years ago, she faced the loss of her husband, who, like her, enjoyed a lengthy life of 91 years, free from prolonged illness. His passing left a void in the family, but his legacy lives on, marked by the honour and respect he garnered from the community.

As Coole West celebrates the remarkable milestone of Mrs. Mary Collins Hartnett’s 103 years, the story serves as a testament to the strength of character and the enduring spirit of the people of Limerick. Her recollections provide a unique first-hand account of Ireland’s past, intertwining personal experiences with the broader historical narrative. The Hartnett family’s commitment to Ireland’s causes and their contributions to significant events exemplify the deep-rooted connection between its people and the evolving history of the nation. Mrs. Hartnett’s life stands as a living chronicle, a testament to the resilience and endurance of Limerick’s residents, shaping the rich tapestry of the region’s history.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 01 February 1913

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