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Limerick Suffragists Prepare for Franchise League Meeting |

Limerick Suffragists Prepare for Franchise League Meeting

Limerick, Ireland – In anticipation of a crucial meeting this week, members of the Munster Women’s Franchise League in Limerick are busily preparing for an event featuring prominent speakers Mr Charles Hersey and Miss G. D. Cummins. The gathering aims to address and garner support for the Franchise Bill, prompting extensive canvassing efforts directed at county Members of Parliament.

The Limerick Suffragists have taken an active role in organizing the event, marking the inauguration of a local league branch in the town. As the preparations intensify, donations for the cause have been pouring in. Notable contributions include £3 from the Hon. Mrs. Spring Rice, as well as various sums from other supporters, reflecting the community’s commitment to advancing the suffrage movement.

The Franchise League’s focus on raising funds for the cause is evident in the received donations, demonstrating a widespread dedication to advancing women’s rights. The financial support extends beyond monetary contributions, with individuals such as Miss Day, Miss Lunham, Mrs. Barry, and Miss E. Allen actively participating in the fundraising efforts.

In a broader context, the suffrage movement in Ireland has been gaining momentum, as evidenced by the report from the Lisburn Suffrage Society. The society’s 1912 report highlights 77 subscribing members and provides a detailed financial breakdown, emphasizing the prudent allocation of funds for activities in Lisburn. The report also sheds light on the commitment of society members who individually contributed £23 towards the Irish Suffrage Federation.

The Lisburn Suffrage Society report mentions the formation of non-militant societies in Belfast by Dr Walkington and Miss Montgomery, as well as in Armagh by Mrs. Cope and Mrs. Kilpatrick. The expansion of suffrage societies to Newry, Bushmills, Ballymoney, Portrush, and Coleraine further underscores the growing influence of the movement across different regions in Ireland.

Highlighting the collabourative efforts, the Irish Women’s Suffrage and Local Government Association’s Executive Committee’s 1914 report reveals a significant increase in membership, with 523 subscribing members. Notably, the Cork, Limerick, and Mallow branches contribute significantly to the association’s strength. The report emphasizes the successful establishment of the Irish Women’s Suffrage Federation, showcasing the positive impact on the cause and the initiation of new societies.

As Limerick prepares for the upcoming Franchise League meeting, the suffragists’ collective efforts reflect a broader trend of expanding support for women’s suffrage in Ireland. With a diverse array of societies actively contributing to the cause, the movement is gaining traction and making significant strides toward achieving its goals.

Irish Citizen – Saturday 01 February 1913

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