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In a significant move today, the Limerick Gas Committee is set to propel forward with a cardinal agenda to enhance the region’s energy landscape. This development comes amidst the unfortunate demise of Mr Terrence Field, who played a pivotal role as the committee’s spokesperson. Mr Field’s untimely passing has left a void in the committee’s leadership.

Mr Owen J. Starr, a distinguished individual with considerable expertise in various facets of municipal governance, now assumes the responsibilities previously shouldered by Mr Field. With a wealth of experience in both social and corporate spheres, Mr Starr has notably served as a representative in the municipal corporation.

Having garnered commendable experience in diverse sectors, Mr Starr is anticipated to lend his seasoned perspective to the committee’s endeavours. As a committed public servant, he previously held the position of Corporation representative, showcasing his dedication to civic responsibilities.

The committee, acknowledging Mr Starr’s significant background, expresses optimism that he will spearhead initiatives fostering commercial advancements within the municipal landscape. This comes at a crucial juncture when Limerick aims to fortify its standing in the commercial arena.

The passing of Mr Field is mourned by colleagues, yet the committee remains resolute in its commitment to furthering the region’s interests. As the torch-bearer of Mr Field’s legacy, Mr Starr is expected to channel his acumen into steering the committee toward achieving its goals.

It is hoped that Mr Starr’s ascension will inject fresh vigor into the committee’s initiatives, ensuring the seamless continuation of projects that Mr Field ardently championed. The citizens of Limerick look forward to witnessing the committee under Mr Starr’s guidance contributing to the flourishing commercial landscape and municipal well-being.

In conclusion, Limerick finds itself at a juncture of transition with the appointment of Mr Owen J. Starr to lead the Gas Committee. As the committee navigates this period of change, the resilient spirit of Limerick remains steadfast. The hope is that under Mr Starr’s stewardship, the committee will not only honour Mr Field’s legacy but also forge ahead into a new era of prosperity for the city and its residents.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 26 March 1913

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