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Limerick, Saturday – In a commendable turn of events, telegraphic communication has become a reality for Clonlara, a village nestled in the county of Clare, just five miles from the heart of Limerick. This significant development, initially proposed several months ago, has now materialized into an accomplished fact.

The inception of this transformative endeavour found its roots in the foresight of individuals such as the Reverend Father Greed, C.C., Reverend Mr Gillespie, the incumbent of the Rectorship, and the dedicated District Councillors, Messrs. E. O’Dwyer and Peter McQueen. These notable figures served as the driving force behind the initiative, rallying support for a guarantee to the District Council.

While the Reverend Father Greed has since been reassigned to the pivotal parish of Killaloe, his unwavering commitment and zealous efforts in Clonlara will be etched in the memories of the parishioners for years to come. The successful establishment of telegraphic connectivity underscores the collabourative efforts of these community leaders and reflects a commitment to advancing the region’s infrastructure.

This significant milestone is poised to bring about a positive impact on the daily lives of Clonlara’s residents, fostering enhanced communication and connectivity. The newfound access to telegraphic services is anticipated to facilitate smoother administrative processes, promote economic activities, and strengthen ties between the village and the bustling city of Limerick.

As Clonlara embraces this technological leap forward, the visionaries behind the initiative are applauded for their foresight and determination. The Reverend Father Greed’s legacy extends beyond his tenure in Clonlara, serving as a testament to the enduring influence of community leaders in shaping the progress of their localities.

In conclusion, the realization of telegraphic communication in Clonlara stands as a testament to the resilience and collabourative spirit of Limerick’s communities. As this accomplishment reverberates through the region, it marks a positive stride towards a more connected and prosperous future for both Clonlara and its neighbouring areas, reaffirming Limerick’s commitment to progress and development.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 01 March 1913

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