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Limerick, Ireland – In recent developments, Limerick Corporation has successfully secured a claim amounting to £817.00 to cover the expenses incurred for additional police presence in the city during the disturbances last October and the dock strike in February. The compensation claim, supported by detailed records of costs and applications, has been progressing since the incidents occurred.

The city faced challenges during the disturbances in October and the subsequent dock strike in February, necessitating an increase in police presence to maintain law and order. Limerick Corporation took swift action to address the situation, incurring additional costs related to the deployment of extra police resources.

The total claim of £817.00 is based on a breakdown of expenses, with £1,041 having already been disbursed to gain brokers in October. The remaining £224.00 represents the outstanding amount to be reimbursed, covering the costs associated with the applications for compensation.

This compensation, now in the hands of Limerick Corporation, is crucial for the city to recover the financial burden imposed during these challenging times. The funds will likely be allocated towards addressing the costs incurred for the increased police presence, ensuring that essential services and public safety were maintained throughout the disturbances.

City officials express relief at the successful resolution of the claim, emphasizing the importance of financial support to ensure the continued well-being of Limerick and its residents. The reimbursement will likely contribute to the city’s efforts to recover and strengthen its infrastructure after facing unexpected challenges.

It is worth noting that the claim process adheres to established legal and administrative procedures, with Limerick Corporation providing necessary documentation to substantiate the incurred expenses. The compensation is a testament to the corporation’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency in managing public funds.

While the reimbursement does alleviate some financial strain on Limerick, city officials remain vigilant in their efforts to address the root causes of the disturbances and strikes. The focus is not only on financial recovery but also on implementing measures to prevent and mitigate such events in the future.

Local residents have expressed their support for the city’s efforts to secure compensation, acknowledging the importance of maintaining public order during challenging times. The infusion of funds into the local economy is expected to have positive ripple effects, potentially contributing to various sectors that were affected by the disturbances.

In conclusion, Limerick Corporation’s successful claim for £817.00 in compensation for extra police costs underscores the challenges faced by the city during the disturbances last October and the dock strike in February. The funds will play a crucial role in supporting the city’s recovery efforts, addressing financial burdens incurred in ensuring public safety during tumultuous times.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Monday 12 May 1913

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