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Limerick Gathers to Unveil Lundon Memorial in Kilteely |

Limerick Gathers to Unveil Lundon Memorial in Kilteely

In a significant tribute to the late Mr William Lundon, MP.., a memorial in his honour is set to be unveiled in Kilteely, Co. Limerick, this Sunday, May 18th. The ceremony, expected to draw a record gathering of Nationalists from Limerick, Tipperary, and Cork, will be presided over by Mr Joseph Devlin, MP..

Mr Lundon, a stalwart of the old school of Nationalists, is remembered with deep reverence by those who worked alongside him during his distinguished political career. The unveiling ceremony, a poignant occasion, is anticipated to attract widespread attention, underscoring the enduring impact of Mr Lundon’s contributions to Irish politics.

Joseph Devlin, MP.., a prominent figure within the Nationalist community, will take centre stage at the event. His presence is expected to resonate well with the attendees, as he addresses the gathered crowd on the theme that undoubtedly holds personal significance.

The Irish Party will be well-represented at the ceremony, with key members confirming their attendance. Among those joining Mr Devlin are Messrs. Joyce, O’Shaughnessy, Hazleton, Flavin, Murphy, Dr Esmond, and Reddy. Their participation underscores the unity within the Irish Party and the importance attached to commemorating Mr Lundon’s legacy.

The ceremony will be chaired by Reverend John Power, P.P., Kilteely, a close personal friend of the late Mr Lundon. Reverend Power, in addition to his spiritual role, has been an unwavering supporter of the current Member of Parliament, Mr Thomas Lundon, actively contributing to several of his election campaigns.

The choice of Kilteely as the location for the memorial holds particular significance. It is not only a nod to Mr Lundon’s connection with the region but also a testament to the community’s enduring support for its political representatives. Kilteely becomes a focal point for the broader Nationalist sentiment as it comes together to pay homage to a figure who played a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape.

As the unveiling ceremony approaches, the anticipation builds, with organizers ensuring that the event is conducted with the utmost dignity and respect befitting Mr Lundon’s memory. The involvement of community leaders, political figures, and religious representatives reflects the multifaceted impact of Mr Lundon’s life and work.

This event serves as more than a memorial; it symbolizes a collective expression of gratitude and remembrance for a political figure whose influence continues to resonate. The attendees, representing various regions and constituencies, stand united in recognizing the enduring legacy of Mr William Lundon, MP.., as they gather in Kilteely to pay their respects and commemorate a distinguished chapter in Irish political history.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 10 May 1913

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