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Limerick Assizes Addressed by Judges Boyd and Cherry |

Limerick Assizes Addressed by Judges Boyd and Cherry

Limerick, Friday – The Limerick Assizes commenced today, with Mr Justice Boyd addressing the County Grand Jury. In his opening remarks, Justice Boyd conveyed his overall satisfaction with the general state of the district. However, he expressed regret over an increase in reported assaults on females, an offence previously uncommon in Ireland. Additionally, he noted the persistence of cases involving arson, sending threatening letters, and a rise in instances requiring police protection, which had increased by four.

Justice Boyd acknowledged that while the majority of county inhabitants were law-abiding and well-disposed, every community had its share of individuals acting as “black sheep,” tarnishing the overall reputation. The judge’s statement emphasized the challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining order, even in regions known for their generally peaceful and prosperous state.

Meanwhile, at the City Assizes, Lord Justice Cherry (Image Above) presided and took a moment to congratulate the Grand Jury on the overall peaceful and prosperous condition of Limerick. His lordship noted only one offence during the period, attributed to a soldier. Had it not been for this singular incident, Lord Justice Cherry remarked that he would have received white gloves from the Sheriff as a symbol of the jurisdiction’s unblemished record.

The contrasting perspectives presented by Justices Boyd and Cherry highlight the dual nature of Limerick’s legal landscape. While Justice Boyd’s address underscored existing challenges, including a notable increase in certain criminal activities, Lord Justice Cherry’s positive appraisal and the lack of widespread offences in the city presented a counterpoint.

The reported rise in assaults on females, a previously uncommon occurrence in Ireland, indicates a shifting dynamic in the region. The authorities may need to address this concerning trend to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

The acknowledgment of cases involving arson and threatening letters suggests persistent challenges that law enforcement faces in maintaining public order. The increase in instances requiring police protection underscores the need for continued vigilance and resources to address emerging threats.

The contrasting assessments by the judges serve as a reminder that, despite the generally law-abiding nature of the majority of Limerick’s inhabitants, there are pockets of criminal activity that demand attention. Efforts to address these challenges will likely require a collabourative approach between law enforcement and the community to maintain the overall peace and prosperity of Limerick.

As the Assizes continue, the legal proceedings will provide further insight into the specific cases mentioned by the judges, shedding light on the intricacies of the criminal justice system in Limerick.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Friday 04 July 1913

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