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In a noteworthy achievement for Irish craftsmanship and restoration efforts, the Catholic Parish Church in Granard, overseen by the Very Rev. Canon Maguire, P.P., V.G., has undergone a transformative renovation. The contract for this extensive project was entrusted to the reputable firm of J. Clarke and Sons, based at 33 North Frederick Street, Dublin. The meticulous work carried out by Irish artists has yielded a splendid result, exemplifying the capabilities of local talent.

The renovation project, initiated in August of the previous year, has recently reached its completion, marking a significant milestone for the Granard community. The Very Rev. Canon Maguire’s decision to entrust the project to J. Clarke and Sons, a Dublin-based firm with a reputation for excellence, has proven to be a judicious choice.

J. Clarke and Sons, known for their commitment to Irish artistry, have demonstrated their proficiency not only in the renovation of the Catholic Parish Church but also in various ongoing projects. Currently, the firm is engrossed in designing and crafting numerous windows destined for both Ireland and England. The studios of Messrs. Clarke serve as a hub for the convergence of artistic and craft enthusiasts, welcoming those with an interest in Irish creativity.

The renovated Catholic Parish Church stands as a testament to the collective skill and dedication of Irish artists and craftsmen. The architectural and artistic enhancements breathe new life into the sacred space, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for worshippers and visitors alike. The intricate details and design elements showcase the rich heritage and cultural significance embedded in Irish art.

Local residents and parishioners have expressed their appreciation for the revitalized church, noting the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary restoration techniques. The completion of the project has not only rejuvenated the physical structure but has also rekindled a sense of pride and community spirit among the Granard parish.

The firm of J. Clarke and Sons, with its roots firmly planted in Dublin, has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of Irish art and craft. The windows currently in progress, destined for locations in both Ireland and England, are anticipated to carry forth the legacy of quality workmanship synonymous with the Clarke name.

While the specifics of the ongoing projects remain confidential, the studios of Messrs. Clarke have extended an open invitation to anyone keen on exploring the world of Irish art and craft. The opportunity to witness first-hand the creative process and engage with the artists behind these masterpieces is a unique experience that beckons enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike.

As the Granard community revels in the completion of the Catholic Parish Church renovation, the project serves as a beacon of inspiration for other restoration initiatives across Ireland. The marriage of tradition and modernity, as exemplified by the skilled hands of Irish craftsmen, resonates not only within the confines of the church walls but reverberates throughout the cultural landscape of Limerick and beyond.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 26 July 1913

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