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Limerick River Rescue: Acts of Heroism at Arthur's Quay |

Limerick River Rescue: Acts of Heroism at Arthur’s Quay

In a heart-warming display of bravery at Arthur’s Quay, a plucky rescue unfolded as a child found themselves in a perilous situation in the river. The incident, which took place recently, showcased the selflessness of two individuals who risked their own well-being to ensure the safety of the child.

The hero of the moment, a man named Kenneally, demonstrated exceptional courage despite not being able to swim. Upon witnessing the child’s distress, he unhesitatingly plunged into the river, disregarding the potential risks to himself. Kenneally’s swift action helped keep the child afloat in the turbulent waters.

The rescue took a crucial turn when Mr Thomas O’Donnell, responding to the shouts for help, rushed to the scene. O’Donnell’s timely arrival proved instrumental as he extended his assistance, ultimately managing to land the child safely. The collabourative efforts of Kenneally and O’Donnell underscored a commendable example of community spirit and quick thinking in the face of danger.

However, the valiant act did not come without consequences. Kenneally, having exerted himself to the limits of endurance, emerged from the river exhausted. Such was his condition that he had to be transported in an unconscious state to Barrington’s Hospital for immediate medical attention. The incident highlights the physical toll and risks associated with acts of self-sacrifice for the greater good.

Notably, Mr Thomas O’Donnell, one of the rescuers, holds the esteemed position of D.V.C. (Divisional Vice-Chair) of the City Division A.O.H. (Ancient Order of Hibernians). His role in the rescue not only speaks to his individual bravery but also reflects positively on the A.O.H, an organization deeply rooted in Irish heritage and community service.

The entire community stands united in offering heartfelt congratulations to both Kenneally and O’Donnell for their heroic and selfless actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community solidarity and the readiness of individuals to rise to the occasion when faced with adversity.

As the news of the rescue spreads through Limerick, residents are likely to reflect on the values of courage and unity that define their community. Acts of heroism, such as this one at Arthur’s Quay, contribute to the sense of pride and camaraderie that binds the people of Limerick together.

Local authorities may consider recognizing the bravery of Kenneally and O’Donnell officially, symbolizing the community’s appreciation for their extraordinary efforts. Such recognition could serve as an inspiration for others and reinforce the importance of being vigilant and responsive to emergencies.

In conclusion, the recent incident at Arthur’s Quay has not only brought attention to the resilience and valour of individuals in the face of adversity but has also highlighted the importance of community bonds in Limerick. As the child rescued from the river begins the recovery process, the community stands united in admiration and gratitude for the heroic acts that unfolded on the banks of the river, emphasizing the true spirit of Limerick.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 09 August 1913

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