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Limerick Gathering Draws 19,000 Munster Residents in Protest |

Limerick Gathering Draws 19,000 Munster Residents in Protest

In an unprecedented assembly of regional residents, approximately 19,000 Munster men congregated in the heart of Limerick to voice their concerns over the Hole Rule Bill and muster support for their cause. The gathering, which took place on Muster Street, transformed into a procession reflecting the sentiments of the assembled individuals.

The demonstration held echoes of historical significance, recalling the tattered legacy of the Land League, a pivotal movement in Ireland’s agrarian history. The participants, hailing from towns and villages across the country, came together in a cohesive display of unity, demanding justice and fair treatment.

The event, orchestrated with meticulous planning, unfolded as a resolute response to what many consider a critical moment in Ireland’s socio-political landscape. The core of the demonstration was a call for greater autonomy, a triple demand encompassing land rights, economic justice, and the preservation of cultural identity.

The mobilization of Munster’s populace was not a spontaneous affair but a well-rehearsed display of collective will. The driving force behind the assembly was the National Agrarian League of Ireland, a group advocating for the rights and well-being of rural communities.

On the day of the event, participants arrived by various means, with a significant number opting for trains, while others travelled by motor vehicles, emphasizing the broad representation of regions involved. Notable figures, including Mr John L. Redmond, Member of Parliament (MP..), and Mr Patrick O’Brien, MP.., made their presence felt as they arrived in Limerick.

The distinguished guests, arriving by train, were officially welcomed by Mr P. O’Donovan, Member of the Irish Party. The welcoming committee included Mr Joe Devlin, MP.., Mr John Dillon, MP.., and Dr Thomas O’Donnell. Their arrival was marked by a reception that underscored the significance of the gathering.

Mr James Molyneaux, a prominent figure from Derry, added weight to the event with his attendance, representing the growing support from various regions. The procession itself witnessed a mix of solemnity and determination, with banners and chants articulating the demonstrators’ grievances and aspirations.

The gathering held a diverse array of speakers, ensuring a broad spectrum of perspectives. Mr J. X. O’Brien, Mr Thomas Geoghegan, Mr O’Brien, Mr John Galvin, and Captain Lyons were among those who addressed the assembled crowd. Each speaker brought forth unique insights, contributing to the multifaceted nature of the assembly.

The Irish Party, which has been a steadfast presence in Limerick for the past several days, remained actively engaged in the proceedings. Mr L. O’Shaughnessy, MP.., and Mr L. Dillon, MP.., continued to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

The gathering, extending over multiple days, highlighted the enduring spirit of the Irish people and their dedication to securing a better future. The events in Limerick served as a microcosm of the broader national sentiment, echoing the historic struggles of Ireland’s past while pointing towards the ongoing quest for justice and equitable representation.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Monday 13 October 1913

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