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Land Transactions Unfold in Limerick with Keen Interest |

Land Transactions Unfold in Limerick with Keen Interest

In a recent auction held in Limerick, the agricultural landscape witnessed fervent bidding and notable transactions, underlining the region’s active real estate market. The event, hosted at Mr V.V. H. Fitt’s Salerooms, brought attention to a winterage property near Askeaton, held by Mrs. Sheehy.

The parcel, comprising 72 acres 2 perches, was subject to a purchase agreement with an annuity of £. The bidding commenced at £600, with enthusiastic participants engaging in competitive offers. Ultimately, Mr P.T. Liston, a solicitor from Rathkeale, secured the property through a successful bid.

The subsequent lot, administered on behalf of the late P. Clobessy, showcased part of the lands of Boulavourd. This section, totalling 13a 2r 28p statute, was held in fee simple from the Irish Land Commission at an annuity of 2s 6d. Bidding commenced at £350 and quickly escalated to £700. Mrs. Brown from Miltown, Bruff emerged as the successful bidder, acquiring the land at the declared price.

Another noteworthy offering was a farm held by Mr Thomas O’Farrell of Kilcolman. This property, spanning 26a 0r 8y statute, was acquired from the Irish Land Commission, with an interest in lieu of rent at Bs. The auction for this parcel, initiated at £370, was subsequently withdrawn for private treaty negotiations.

The transactions underscore the robust nature of the real estate market in Limerick, with varied properties attracting interest from prospective buyers. The competitive bidding and diverse offerings reflect the economic dynamics and the ongoing demand for land in the region.

It is important to note that the details of these transactions are based on the recent auction held at Fitt’s Saleroom, and the disclosed prices and purchasers are integral to the transparency of the process. The significance of these land transactions extends beyond mere economic considerations, as they contribute to the broader narrative of agricultural and property developments in Limerick.

The lands near Askeaton, Boulavourd, and Kilcolman represent distinct facets of Limerick’s topography, each holding its own historical and agricultural significance. The variety in land size and usage, from winterage to farm holdings, further emphasizes the diversity of the region’s real estate offerings.

While the auction showcased the vibrant market for agricultural land, it is noteworthy that the withdrawal of the Kilcolman property for private treaty negotiations signals the existence of alternative avenues for real estate transactions in the area. This nuance adds a layer to the dynamics of the Limerick property market.

In conclusion, the recent land transactions in Limerick exemplify the continued interest and investment in the region’s agricultural landscape. The auction at Fitt’s Saleroom brought attention to properties with diverse characteristics, and the competitive bidding process highlighted the market’s resilience. As Limerick remains a focal point for real estate activities, these transactions contribute to the ongoing narrative of economic and agricultural developments in this dynamic Irish locale.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 03 November 1913

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