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Archbishop of Cashel's Consecration And Limerick - A Triumphal Homecoming |

Archbishop of Cashel’s Consecration And Limerick – A Triumphal Homecoming

In a jubilant celebration that echoes across the historic town of Thurles, the Most Rev. Dr John Harty, a son of County Limerick, is set to be consecrated as the new Archbishop of Cashel. The atmosphere is electric as Thurles prepares for the grand ceremony tomorrow, marking the ascension of Dr Harty to one of the highest ecclesiastical positions in Munster.

Dr Harty, a man known for his close connection with the people and hailed as a bishop of the people’s own heart, is returning to Thurles, the town where he initiated his ecclesiastical studies, a move that has captured the hearts of the locals. The announcement of his appointment has been met with utmost delight not only in Thurles but throughout the expansive Archdiocese.

The Archbishop-to-be, a distinguished alumnus of the prestigious Maynooth ecclesiastical College, is set to succeed the revered Dr Fennelly, following his resignation six months ago due to age and infirmity. Dr Harty’s record at Maynooth is nothing short of brilliant, fostering hopes that he will lead the Archdiocese with credit and honour.

Thurles is aglow with excitement as it welcomes back Dr Harty, adorning the town with brilliant illuminations and extravagant decorations in his honour. The town’s streets, from the railway station to the cathedral, are adorned with triumphant arches, showcasing the unity and support of the community.

The appointment of Dr Harty is not just a clerical change; it is a homecoming for the new Archbishop. Born to a County Limerick farmer, he spent two formative years at St. Patrick’s College in Thurles before continuing his intellectual pursuits at Maynooth. The town is alive with the spirit of festivity, with bunting displayed on houses, streamers spanning streets, and a promise of a grand fireworks display in the College grounds later in the evening.

Special trains have been arranged from Charleville, Dublin, Limerick, and Clonmel to facilitate the influx of well-wishers and attendees to the consecration ceremony. Thurles is set to witness a spectacle, with a grand torchlight procession planned for the evening, adding a touch of mystique to the day’s events.

The Cathedral Choir is poised to elevate the consecration mass with a captivating musical program, featuring compositions by Handel, Faust, and others. Twelve Bishops are expected to join the celebration, making this a truly momentous occasion.

The culmination of the festivities will be the consecration mass at eleven o’clock, followed by a procession from St. Patrick’s College to the Cathedral. The ceremonial march, starting at 10:45 a.m. sharp, will include the Hierarchy, clergy, and representative laity, embodying the unity of the faithful in honouring the new Archbishop.

As the town gears up for this historic event, it becomes clear that Dr Harty’s consecration is not merely a formal ceremony but a vibrant celebration of faith, community, and a son’s triumphant return to his roots. Limerick and Thurles stand united in welcoming Archbishop Harty, ready to witness a chapter in the Archdiocese’s history unfold with grace and grandeur.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 17 January 1914

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