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Limerick Board of Guardians Faces Turmoil Over Motion |

Limerick Board of Guardians Faces Turmoil Over Motion

An unexpected turn of events unfolded at the Limerick Board of Guardians, as a motion to rescind a resolution stirred heated debates among members. The motion, proposed by Mr J. Quilligan, aimed to withdraw a resolution requesting the Local Government Board (L.G.B.) to extend the time for paying Dr Brennan for dispensary residence by two years.

The absence of Mr Quinine, the initiator of the motion, did not deter the discussion. Efforts to postpone the motion were thwarted by a vote of 30 to 20, setting the stage for a contentious session. Mr T. Donnellan, presiding over the meeting, faced a challenging moment when he rejected the rescinding motion, sparking a tumultuous scene.

In a swift response, Mr Stritch, D.V.C., was ushered into the chair, as Mr Donnellan faced calls to relinquish his position. The atmosphere grew tense, with some members attempting to physically dislodge him from the chair. Despite the upheaval, Mr Donnellan declared the meeting adjourned. However, this did not deter Mr Stritch, who assumed the chairmanship and proceeded to sign the motion.

The incident highlights the complex dynamics within the Limerick Board of Guardians, as members grapple with internal conflicts over important resolutions. The issue at hand, concerning the extension of time for payment to Dr Brennan, adds to the intricacies faced by the board in managing dispensary residence matters.

The resolution, originally passed by the board, sought an extension of two years for the payment to Dr Brennan. The specific details leading to this request remain undisclosed, but the contentious nature of the motion and the subsequent attempt to rescind it underscore the challenges faced by the board in reaching a consensus on such matters.

The chairmanship dispute further exemplifies the intensity of the disagreement, with physical attempts to remove Mr Donnellan adding an unusual twist to the proceedings. Such scenes are uncommon in the typically formal setting of board meetings, indicating the gravity of the issues at hand.

As the meeting adjourned under disputed circumstances, it leaves unanswered questions about the fate of the resolution and the board’s ability to navigate internal conflicts. The absence of Mr Quinine, the motion’s proponent, adds a layer of uncertainty, raising concerns about the continuity of discussions on this pressing matter.

The Limerick Board of Guardians now faces the task of resolving both the immediate dispute over the rescinding motion and the underlying issue of the dispensary residence payment extension. The complexities surrounding these matters highlight the challenges inherent in managing healthcare-related resolutions and the intricate web of relationships within the board.

In adherence to journalistic principles, this report refrains from expressing opinions or passing judgments on the actions of the individuals involved. The focus remains on presenting the factual details of the incident and its implications for the Limerick Board of Guardians, allowing readers to form their own assessments of the situation.

Irish Independent – Thursday 08 January 1914

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