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Limerick Gathers for Professional and Commercial Reunion |

Limerick Gathers for Professional and Commercial Reunion

In a commendable display of unity, the professional and commercial classes of Limerick convened at the Royal Hotel for a banquet on Thursday evening. The esteemed event, a tribute to the incumbent Mayor, Alderman O’Donovan, attracted a company of approximately 150 individuals. Presiding over the gathering, Mr Stephen O’Mara set the tone for an evening devoid of political biases or religious divides, emphasizing a shared commitment to the betterment of their beloved city.

Following the conclusion of the dinner, met with applause, Chairman O’Mara underscored the purpose of the reunion: to channel the collective energy and talent of Limerick’s men towards elevating the city. He expressed a dedication to the cause, urging attendees to focus on their shared love for the city (applause ensued).

Sir Alexander Shaw took the opportunity to propose a toast to the health of the Mayor, Alderman O’Donovan. Shaw’s felicitous words acknowledged the Mayor’s notable achievements during his term, lauding the Chief Magistrate for his contributions. Delighted by the considerable representation of prominent figures, Sir Alexander Shaw anticipated that this gathering marked the inception of many such reunions.

Responding to the reception with musical honours, Mr Michael O’Callaghan acknowledged the unique historical significance of the event. The Mayor, in turn, emphasized the importance of such gatherings for the future of Limerick. Offering compelling statistics, he shed light on the commendable work carried out by the Borough Council, showcasing progress in various aspects under their charge.

The atmosphere was imbued with emotion as Mr John Cahill sang “Benedict’s Colleen Bawn.” The toast to the “Prosperity of Limerick” resonated in sympathetic tones, with Mr J. Ridgewell responding on behalf of the assembly. The subsequent toasts, including those proposed by Mr Archibald Murray and Mr Joyce, delved into the intricacies of Limerick’s trade and industry.

The conversations that unfolded during the event reflected the collective concern for the prosperity of Limerick. Attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, sharing insights and perspectives on the city’s economic landscape. Other toasts followed suit, each contributing to the camaraderie that characterized the reunion.

As the evening drew to a close, the company dispersed, each participant carrying with them a renewed sense of commitment to the betterment of Limerick. The event stood as a testament to the city’s resilience and the unity of its professional and commercial classes, setting the stage for continued collabouration and future reunions.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 02 January 1914

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