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Traditional Exchange of White Gloves Marks Limerick Quarter Sessions Amidst Peaceful Proceedings |

Traditional Exchange of White Gloves Marks Limerick Quarter Sessions Amidst Peaceful Proceedings

In a venerable display of tradition, the Limerick Quarter Sessions recently observed a time-honoured ceremony that has left an indelible mark on the city’s legal landscape. The courtrooms, where matters of justice are deliberated, played host to the distinguished presence of His Honor, Dr C. McDonnell. This occasion saw the continuation of a ceremonial custom, as the High Sheriff bestowed upon him the emblematic and symbolic gift of white gloves.

The unfolding of this scene took place at 9 a.m. within the revered County Court, where the hallowed halls of justice in Limerick took centre stage. The proceedings commenced with the customary presentation. Mr Beauchamp, representing the court, expressed his satisfaction in informing His Honor that there were no criminal cases to be addressed on that particular day, setting a tranquil tone within the chambers of justice.

Amidst the hushed corridors of the court, Dr McDonnell assumed his position on the bench, prepared to preside over the day’s legal matters. Recognizing the absence of criminal cases, he extended gratitude for what he considered an annual tradition. In a reciprocal gesture, the High Sheriff took the opportunity to present His Honor with a pair of white gloves, a symbolic offering representing the prevailing peace within the city.

Reflecting on the historical import of the moment, Dr McDonnell expressed his deep appreciation for the longstanding tradition that has seen him adorned with these emblematic gloves over the years. The exchange of white gloves has evolved into a cherished ritual, symbolizing the alignment of the city’s tranquillity with the solemn responsibilities of the court.

It was noted that this was not the inaugural bestowal of such an esteemed gift upon Dr McDonnell. The High Sheriff, Mr Beauchamp, conveyed his happiness at being able to perpetuate this tradition in the service of justice. This amicable exchange served to underscore the harmonious relationship between the legal authorities and the symbolic traditions that contribute to the dignity of the court.

As the quiet corridors of justice witnessed this time-honoured exchange, it became evident that such ceremonies not only embody the city’s rich history but also serve as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between tradition and the solemn duties carried out within the hallowed halls of the Limerick Quarter Sessions. The white gloves, steeped in symbolism, stand as a visual representation of the enduring commitment to justice and peace that resonates within the legal heart of Limerick.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 03 January 1914

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